He’ll Make you Laugh, He’ll Make You Angry, but Most of All, He’ll Freak You Out!

L-R Scott, Joe Diamond, Tom Kief, Lisa Taylor

The morning started as Joe Diamond, a paranormal magician, boggled the minds of Tom Kief and Lisa Tyler from The Tom and Lisa Morning Show on 95 WIIL ROCK in Wisconsin.  Joe sealed up a card in an envelope for Lisa.  He asked Lisa to cut through one of the cards in a full deck to read her future. After telling her about her future, he took it one step further by having the card in the envelope and the one she cut in the deck  match.  It’s priceless to hear the amazement of the radio DJ’s with his stunts.

Joe also performed an audience trick and it involved pointing fingers.  Joe had everyone start with their ring finger and fate would decide which finger they would end up pointing with.  I guess everyone is great with their fingers because Joe guess exactly which finger the audience, and DJs, ended up on. In true Tom Kief fashion, Tom told Joe which finger he should have everyone end up on when the trick ends. I think you can use your imagination as which finger that would be.

Joe also has a knack for guessing cards. He amazed Tom, Lisa, and Duco by naming all the cards Duco picked and held in his hands.  Joe doesn’t miss a beat and hopefully he’ll duck when Tom tries to lay the beat down on him.

The final act on the radio was the bending act! Joe had listeners  bending metal objects in their car and in their house.  It turns out that the average “Joe” can actually bend metal! The hilarity ensued with Tom and Lisa continuing to not believe what was before their eyes.  Video will be posted soon!

Tomorrow night 95 WIIL Rock present Joe Diamond at the FUEL Room at Austin’s Saloon in Libertyville.  Tickets are only $15 and include Comedian Jimmy McHugh and Tom Kief as MC for the night. This is a 21 and over show.  If you’ve heard Joe on 95 WIIL Rock you haven’t experienced anything yet until you see the show.

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