Linkin Park Brings a Thousand Suns to Chicago

Linkin Park
United Center – Chicago, IL

Linkin Park is:

Chester Bennington – vocals
Rob Bourdon – drums
Brad Delson – lead guitar
David “Phoenix” Farrell – bass guitar
Joseph “Mr.” Hahn – turntables, keyboard, samples
Mike Shinoda – vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard

This night belonged to Linkin Park and only Linkin Park for several reasons.  The opening band Does It Offend You, Yeah? had several technical difficulties in their short set along with poor lighting leaving the crowd scratching their heads, “Are we at a rock show?”  Sorry guys, but Yeah, I was offended.  The 2nd band, Pendulum fared much better with tons of energy, but still left me wanting an opening band that could rock hard.  Pendulum did a fair attempt at trying to cover Metallica’s “Master of Puppet,” but lacked the punch of a rock classic this song is.

After a quick turn-around Linkin Park hit the stage to a huge cheer and roar from the crowd.  They opened with “The Requiem” before launching into “Faint.”

Most of the first half of the set was from third and fourth album, with a few from the 2nd album. Even with the slower tempo songs, they held the audience in their hands singing all the newer songs and swaying to the electronic beats.


The stars of the show were Mike Shinoda & Chester Bennington, both taking turns to sing, and at times, playing the drums, guitars and synthesizers. Shinoda’s raps sounded like they were pulled off a hip-hop beat and then off to his smooth vocals.   He even went falsetto and sounding like a small child.  Chester prowled around the stage, jumping up and down and at one point went into the crowd to sing.  When a crowd surfer came close, he grabbed his hand and pulled him close to sing/scream.

Towards the encore, Mr. Hahn was having some technical problems with his turntable, but that did not stop him from having fun and doing funny moves on his platform.  Towards the end of the show, they finally played “In the End,” from one of their biggest albums, Hybrid Theory, followed byBleed It Out” to end the set.    They came out and did a six song encore that reminded me of the old Linkin Park with mosh pits forming and the crowd jumping up and down as they played the older tunes to finish off the show.



The band itself is very tight after so many years on the road and they all play different instruments throughout the show.   By far one of the better concerts of the year but kept wishing I saw them when they toured with the first album.
Set List is:

The Requiem/The Radiance (end with Savio Speech)
Lying from you
Given Up
What I’ve Done

No More Sorrow
From the Inside (w/long Intro)
Jornada Del Muerto
Waiting for the End

The Catalyst
Shadow of the Day
In the End
Bleed it Out

Empty Spaces
When they come for me
New Divide
One Step Closer

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written by Peter Lizano



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