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Empty Bottle is pleased to offer you a Super Bowl alternative. When figuring out who to invite on the Sunday that is the most difficult to get people out of their homes we thought, “who do we know who may have never uttered the words ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ in their life?” The Empty Bottle is proud to announce Rory Lake’s Super Pot Luck Bowl Full of Dreams featuring Karaoke Dreams and a performance by Cooler by the Lake. It’s a pot luck by name, so if you bring a dish to share you get in for FREE!!!

Keep reading for Empty Bottle’s lineup….

01.26.11 YAWN | Nightlands | Houses
01.27.11 Scion Garage Show presents King Tuff | The Hex Dispensers (free w/ RSVP)
01.28.11 Antony Ablan & the Tramps | Seafarer | Old Shoe (free w/ RSVP)
01.29.11 Oro | Blood of the Tyrant | Stonecutters | Heaving Mass (free w/ RSVP)
01.30.11 Tyvek | Running | Heavy Times
01.30.11 Hot Grits! Featuring DJ Jacob Ross & Naomi Walker (free)
01.31.11 The Black Belts | The Pirates | The Brothers Gross (free)
02.01.11 Sallah | Beware My Lovely | Bear With Hawk Fist | Kollage (free w/ RSVP)
02.06.11 Rory Lakes Super Pot Luck Bowl Full of Dreams featuring Karaoke Dreams | Cooler by the Lake (free w/ Food) 02.09.11 Health & Beauty | Jeff Harms | The Plastic Council (free w/ RSVP)
02.14.11 White Mystery | Dark Fog | The Pleats (free)
02.21.11 The Forms | Archie Powell & the Exports | John the Savage (free)
02.23.11 Krunchies | Brown Brogues | Dream Teens (free w/ RSVP)
02.27.11 Truman Peyote | Birthdays | I Love You | Nude Sunrise
03.05.11 Nomo
03.06.11 Bird Names | Campfires | Unmanned Ship
03.07.11 Thin Hymns | The Armchairs | Chandeliers | Arrah & the Ferns
03.09.11 Shark? | Sundelles
04.02.11 Blank Dogs | Moon Duo
04.03.11 Lightning Bolt | Cacaw (LSA)
04.04.11 Arabrot | Wizard Rifle (free)
04.07.11 Cults | Magic Kids | Superhumanoids
04.14.11 Bobby Conn
04.22.11 Black Lips | Vivian Girls (LSA)
04.29.11 Hunx and his Punx | Shannon & the Clams

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