Lights Releases “Brett Says Stay” Lithograph

Today Lights released an original lithograph she created just in time for Valentine’s Day.  She titled it “Brett Says Stay Lithograph” and the lithograph is 20″ x 39″ hi-definition litho on heavy matte paper stock. For more information on the lithograph click here.

Lights on her creation:

“I’ve always been inspired by the copious amounts of e

motion that can be captured in one simple comic book panel. It seems like the most extreme drama can be found in vintage romance comics from the ’50s-’70s. I’ve been periodically collecting these kinds of comics for quite some time. In fact, this has become kind of a game for me – cracking a comic book open, placing a finger on a random page, finding some wildly dramatic moment, then inventing an intricate scenario that may have led the subjects to find themselves in that fateful still-frame. I’ve been painting moments like these for almost six years now. Since I’m extremely bad at buying gifts for people (is anyone really good at that?) I’ve discovered that creating paintings for those friends and loved ones can be really special. In a way these paintings are like a Rorschach test, people see what they want to see in them.”

– The painting is the first of four in a series.
– Each lithograph print is hand numbered and signed by LIGHTS.
– There are only 400 copies available worldwide.
– When they’re gone they’re gone.

The litho is available in the store for US and international fans as well as the Canadian merch store, Kill the 8.

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  1. […] If you haven’t done so already, take a gander at the Original Lithograph designed by Lights.  She released the lithograph “Brett Says Stay” on 2/14, yes, Valentine’s Day. You can check the litho here. […]

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