Pick it Up: The Drive-By Truckers’ Go-GO Boots

Drive-By Truckers
Go-Go Boots
ATO Records

Right to the point; The Drive-By Truckers’  Go-Go Boots might be the best record I have heard this year. This album is awkwardly graceful and stripped down sexy at the same time. Here you will find barebones arrangements that deliver new layers of sonic sweetness with every listen.

The southern sextet has created 14 songs (15 if you buy the vinyl) that are as smart as anything on the radio today. Then they had the sense to get out of the way and let the songs live on their own terms.

Perhaps it is the recording on analog gear – perhaps it is the soulful country attitude intrinsic to each of these players – something just illuminates these songs giving warmth and power.

I Do Believe” kicks off Go-Go Boots. This nice jangly little number features the DBT’s signature wall of sound, but here it is informed by a little 70’s pop. Onto the title track, where the wall of sound is still present, but there are textures added raising the bar and making the music a little more interesting.

Not that there is anything on this disc that isn’t interesting – and I think that is part of DBT’s brilliance. They take the dynamics of music to levels most bands don’t think of. They apply the sense of tension and release to the order of the songs on the disc. I have never experienced that development of texture while listening to an album before.

There is also the true beauty of a sextet from the south who embraces who they are without getting condescending or pandering to clichés.  They are clearly mining a different side of the southern experience. They work to be relevant – they don’t strain to be perfect.

This is easily one of my favorite discs to be released in the last couple of years. When you visit the website, you can buy it as a download – you can buy it as vinyl. Just buy it.

Stand Out Tracks

Dancin’ Ricky

Cartoon Gold


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