I regret, Without Regrets

Kimberly Caldwell
Without Regrets
April 19, 2011

Kimberly Caldwell Without Regrets

There is no easy way to say this. Kimberly Caldwell is the watered down Pink. I found myself listening to her new album and closing my eyes, pretending Pink was singing to me with a slight cold, and during those moments I found the album the most enjoyable. This album is a pure example of a greatly talented singer, with horrible lyrical content and underproduced songs. (Joss Stone, version 2.0) Almost all of Kimberly’s songs follow the same verse – chorus- verse- bridge – chorus song form, with Kimberly almost always singing the song title, or a line from the song at the end to close the song out. That being the case you have to honestly ask yourself how any of these tracks could be decipherable from each other? They truly all sound the same, just as many female contemporary pop singers sound exactly the same as they drowned each other out. Which brings me to the ultimate question: How is it, that no one at management ever asked how Kimberly Caldwell was going to be different from the rest of the herd? Is it truly possible that no one cared to carve out her niche? Is the corporate machine which is creating and producing her album so naive as to think that they can get by on the American Idol card all these years later and still hope for mass profit? Clearly it’s not working that way. Primarily because short minded Americans only remember the current or last season’s AI kiddies. For the ones that do remember ancient idol shows, it is safe to say that with this album Kimberly has fulfilled her contractual mainstream preconceived notion of what type of album she should release, and now she is free to rock.

Why no one has lathered heavy eyeliner on this beauty and asked her to scream out rock ballands instead of bad pop songs is beyond me. Kimberly’s raspy voice is made for rock songs, her body is begging to be in shiny black leather rock star pants. Above all America is always looking for something different and still desperately hoping for change. Unless you are Madonna or GaGa you can’t squeeze by on lyrically bad, non creative, underproduced pop songs.

This truly is a weak debut from KC, especially since the first two singles were released over a year ago. Kimberly has all you would ever need to reach the top notch in the industry, a stunning unique voice, the body and image some artists could only dream of, and a personality larger than life. She comes across as such a sweetheart that I almost feel a slight tinge of guilt dissing her music, yet, what is the goal here? Is it to remain where she is now, as number 30 on the top 100, or is it the top? It seems pretty clear that unless she carves out a more unique path for herself, and doesn’t switch genres fast, what you see may be the best she ever gets.

It’s up to Kimberly to decide what her goals are in the industry. If they are larger than where she is now, she should begin rocking the hell out, as there is less contention amongst rock women these days, and she has enough balls to handle the better suited genre. I can only hope she uses what ever album profits she receives from this release to reinvent herself as Joan Jett version 2.0, because it’s a lonely struggle waiting another 8 years for a half way hit, ask your girl Joss Stone.

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  1. wow..i guess everyone is entitled to their opinion..but the dead hub can shove it..#1 Comparing Kimberly to Pink in a negative light?…how many times have two very successful artist been compared to one another? How many young up and comings have been compared to music visionaries of the past? And in all these instances the comparisons have proved nothin more or less than the fact that they have similar voices yet were made two different people with two different stories and maybe one dream,(shared by millions) to pursue music and share with the world their love for music!?? #2 repetition in songs and song set up has been the same for decades..look at greats like John Lennon, Bob Marley, Michael JAckson, Aretha, Janis, JImI..etc…Some of their greatest songs didn’t even have lyrics ..and as far as repetitions and rhyming..turn on your F’in radio!!! #3 every thing happens in life at the very moment it should..so what AI didn’t offer a deal and so what its so many years later ..and capitol believes in KIm…so do at the very least 12,568 people on this facebook page!!…! #4 Kimberly’s voice like all singers and songwriters is made for the type of music the artist feels is in their heart..I believe she can rock it out, she can R&B it up, shit girl if you wanna rap do it to it!! Oh and deardead hub…..you think after all these years that she in someway has strayed from who she really is and i find that to be the most offensive “read between the lines” kinda thing from your blog…btw joss is the shit too and maybe she isnt gettin a million likes a day on facebook like lady gaga and eminem ..but she is stayin true to herself…Im sure she aint broke..and she also still has a ton of fans…but a person who loves music will do it with all they got ..even if noone is listening..cause who you really are is not defined by those who see you its actually who you are when noone is really there at all!

  2. Vicky says:

    You are so right!
    And I’d like to add: I am seriously sick of all these seasonal stars, so to speak. I mean, you turn on the tv to AI, The Voice or suchlike, and I swear every single girl that opens their mouth sound exactly the same, you hardly hear a style of their own, they all overdo every song with those high, screetchie tones… they sound like robots void of all emotion. There’s not a voice lately that you will hear ten, twenty years in the future and say “Hey, gosh she was unique!”
    Sigh… sorry, but it’s so sad…


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