Spotlight: Dev talks SXSW, Working with The Cataracs, and Fashion

Dev is currently in Costa Rica recording her debut album with the super duo, The Cataracs. She also has a smash hit on her hands with “Bass Down Low,” which has already reached over 8 millions views on YouTube.  Dev was also recently nominated for the “Breaking Woodie” at the MTVU Woodie Awards.  This award is voted on by the public via social networking accounts.  You can go here for more info on voting for Dev. She is also gearing up for a spring tour, SXSW, and the Bamboozle Road show in May and June.

Dev took a moment to get us caught up on what’s rocking her world right now.

The Dead Hub: Are you excited about SXSW? What is one of your goals while at SXSW?

Dev: I’m so excited! Austin is one of my favorite cities… The whole SXSW Festival is so great for everyone, artists, and music heads of all types. I guess my goal for SXSW is to have an amazing fucking time, and make sure everyone at my show does too;]

DH: How did you meet up with the The Cataracs?

Dev: I made a song on my Macbook, posted it on MySpace, and two months later it was found by The Cataracs.  Fast forward just about 3 years and here we are!

DH: What made you decide to record the new album in Costa Rica?

Dev: We needed to clear our heads, have good vibes, and get away from all things distracting us in LA. Why not COSTAAA RIICAAA?!

DH: What has recording process been like recording the album?

Dev: It’s been amazing. The Cataracs and I work the same; No pressure, no weirdness. We go into the studio with ideas and conversation and stories. They’ve taught me how to paint pictures with my thoughts and words. The creative process behind the album was perfect.

DH: How much writing and sampling are you doing on the new album?

Dev: I think as of right now, I only sample like 16 bars the whole album. As for writing, I try to do as much of that as I can. However, if The Cataracs have a great idea, or verse/hook already written and I fuck with it, we’ll go with it. They’ve taught me a lot and they know me better than anyone, other than my parents. They know what I’m looking for or what I’m trying to get across. Whether it’s me coming to them with an idea, or them coming to me, it’s all from the same place and with the illest intentions.

DH: Should we expect any guests on the album?

Dev: As of right now it’s just The Cata(racs), however, I do believe they’re might be a couple surprises.

DH: What is your favorite part about living in LA? What’s the biggest drawback?

Dev: I love living in downtown LA. I love the entire vibe and everything that goes with it— from the bars and boutiques, to Santee Alley and art walk.

The biggest drawback is not being in Northern California. Nothing in the world is quite like northern California. <3

DH: What’s the biggest highlight so far for you either personally or on the music front?

Dev: Everything. My life did a complete 180… Every experience, new city, new state, new food, new shirt, new venue, new person, I’ve encountered has been amazing. I’m growing and learning. This journey has been gnarlyyy AND so beautiful.

DH: What are your plans for 2011?

Dev: To do as much shit as I possibly can. I can’t stop grinding.

DH: What is the one thing you can’t leave the house without?

Dev: My cell phone lol!

DH: Mac or PC girl?

Dev: MAC’in

DH: Artist that is getting the most traction on your mp3 player?

Dev: I just copped a new computer and the only music I have on me right now is the new WAKA FLOCKA mixtape, so as of right now, it’s that lol!

DH: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Dev: people who don’t fuck with chocolate, because I love chocolate. ha

DH: How would you rate your sense of fashion on a scale of 1-10? 1 being without a stylist you’d be lost in an abyss and 10 being trendsetter.

Dev: I don’t know lol. I was always into fashion and was the kid that would wear outa pocket shit because I saw an artist or model I looked up to rocking it. However, growing up in Manteca, I never had the best stores or boutiques at my fingertips. I’d like to pride myself in the art, but I’m just now playing catch up. LOL Y’all gonna have to answer that one.

DH:  Finally, do you really like your bass down low?

Dev: YES.

Dev on tour:

Fri Mar 4 Mezzanine – State College, PA
Sat Mar 5 Boss – Orlando, FL
Thu Mar 10 Clevelander Pool – Miami, FL
Fri Mar 11 Bianco – Santo Domingo, Domincian Republic
Tue Mar 15 Never Say Never Festival – Mission, TX
Thu Mar 17 Mooncussers – South Padre Island, TX
Fri Mar 18 Moodswing SXSW showcase @ The Phoenix – Austin, TX
Sat Mar 19 State Theater @ Playhouse Square – Cleveland, OH
Mon Mar 21 Club LeVela – Panama City, FL
Thu Mar 24 Ruby Skye (KYLD Radio)-San Francisco, CA
Sat Mar 26 Moodswing @ Louis at the Gansevoort – Miami Beach, FL
Tue Mar 29 Blush @ Wynn – Las Vegas, NV
Fri Apr 1 w/ Cataracs @ The Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend – Palm Springs, CA
Wed Apr 6 Cheerleaders – Pittsburgh, PA (w/ The Cataracs)
Sat Apr 9 Georgetown University – Washington, D.C. (w/ The Cataracs, Kevin Rudolf & Shwayze)
Wed Apr 27 Duke University – Durham, North Carlolina (w/ Ludacris)
Thu Apr 28 Cheerleaders – Philadelphia, PA (w/ The Cataracs)
Fri Apr 29 Bamboozle Festival – East Rutherford NJ
Sat Apr 30 Bamboozle – East Rutherford, NJ
Sun May 1 Bamboozle- East Rutherford, NJ
Wed May 4 Bamboozle Road Show – House of Blues – Boston, MA
Fri May 6 Bamboozle Road Show – Fillmore – Charlotte, NC
Sun May 8 Bamboozle Road Show – House of Blues – Myrtle Beach, SC
Wed May 11 Bamboozle Road Show – House of Blues – Orlando, FL
Fri May 13Bamboozle Road Show – House of Blues – Houston, TX
Sun May 15 Bamboozle Road Show – House of Blues -Dallas, TX
Tue May 17Bamboozle Road Show – House of Blues – Los Angeles, CA
Wed May 18 Bamboozle Road Show – The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
Thu May 19 Bamboozle Road Show – House of Blues – Anaheim, CA
Fri May 20 Bamboozle Road Show – House of Blues – San Diego, CA
Tue May 24 Bamboozle Road Show – Commodore – Vancouver, BC
Fri May 27Bamboozle Road Show – Gothic – Denver, CO
Mon May 30 Bamboozle Road Show – House of Blues – Chicago, IL
Thu Jun 2 Bamboozle Road Show – Egyptian Room – Indianapolis, IN
Fri Jun 3 Bamboozle Road Show – Bogarts – Cincinnati, OH
Sat Jun 4 Bamboozle Road Show – St. Andrew’s – Detroit, MI
Sun Jun 5 Bamboozle Road Show – House of Blues – Cleveland, OH
Wed Jun 8 Bamboozle Road Show – TLA – Philadelphia PA
Fri Jun 10 Bamboozle Road Show – Sound Academy- Toronto, ON

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