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I Am the Dance Commander + I Command You to Dance: The Remix Album
March 22, 2011
RCA Records

 I Am the Dance Commander + I Command You to Dance: The Remix Album

I told ya’ll before I’m not mad at Ke$ha, although there is a fine line between smart marketing, and milking an opportunity. This newest release seems to lean towards the latter. Honestly, what is up with homegirl’s recent releases? An Ep, and a “too early in your career to release” remix album? Few people have realized that Ke$ha only has a single album of original material released. With which she has now cleverly churned out three albums from a mere handful of songs. You wonder why a new artist would risk overkill so soon, intentionally. Releasing a remix or greatest hits album is usually a great escape from an artist’s recording contract without granting the said record label any new material. Is that what’s going on here? The new album is listed on Wikipedia as only RCA records, and not RCA/Kemosabe Entertainment as with previous releases. Could all these rush releases be because Ke$ha is trying to break away from Dr.Luke (Producer& Writer)? More importantly is this remix album worth your purchase?

If you love all things Ke$ha, then by all means hit download, or run out and buy it, surely you won’t be disappointed. Otherwise the more meticulous ear will only find “Animal” (Switch Remix), and “Tik Tok” (Chuck Buckett’s Veruca Salt Remix) worth any time because they are the only true remixes, and could have been released as B-sides or Singles. Honoring my heart felt devotion to the Mad Decent family I knew when I saw the name Switch that at least that track would be solid gold. Staying true to my high regard, Switch came through again. From the opening note to the last beat of “Animal” (Switch Remix), I found myself eyes closed, head nodding up and down. This is seamless production in it’s finest form. Take notes kids, and if you truly want a remix album hire the likes of Switch to remake the entire thing. The rest of the tracks on the album fall short of earning the proper title of “remix” as they are merely rearranged with bad techno intros and outros.

Just four months ago Ke$ha released an EP with a few previously released tracks on it, with the addition of a new single entitled “We R Who We R”. The album has sold 313,300 copies since its release in the US. You wonder why someone would buy an album half full of material they already know, and possibly already own, yet with the addition of the single it proved financially successful and paid off on Billboard charts. Since that move proved successful, why not try again, and attempt to make even more money off of the same material for a third time? ..Not so much. Let’s get back in the $tudio Ke$h.

Fast Farward to these tracks:
“Animal” (Switch Remix)
“Tik Tok” (Chuck Buckett’s Veruca Salt Remix)

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