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The Pretty Reckless
Light Me Up

The Pretty Reckless Light Me UpI bet I am exactly who Taylor Momsen would prefer listen to her music. I’ve never seen an episode of Gossip Girl, I don’t care to, and I can safely bet my life on it that I never will. No offense to Taylor, or any show groupies, but I already have an extensive tv show schedule and there just isn’t room for anymore. Being that I never saw the show that Taylor is an actress on, nor can I recall her in the Grinch movie as a kid, I am fully able to only know her as a musician in a band, playing music. It seems, this is how she would prefer to be known. There are a lot of actors who moonlight with singing, then return to acting as their cash cow. For Taylor, this seems to be reversed. Music is her calling, and acting is just her current meal ticket. Taylor casually dances around the “leaving Gossip Girl topic” by consistently saying how supportive the show is by writing her out of lines, yet anyone can see that her dream is to do this music thing, full time. Taylor will turn 18 this summer in July. She is still, only, 17! She has a lifetime ahead of her to polish new rock songs and fulfill her rockstar dream. Judging by the quality of the band’s debut album, it’s a good sign that Taylor will easily see those dreams come to fruition.

It doesn’t hurt that young emerging rock bands are a rare occurrence these days. Mainstream pop seems to cast a shiny glossy shadow over all else, but also leaves room for the Pretty Reckless to sneak in and thrive in the industry. Kids need options and I think songs like “Goin’ Down”, and “Make Me Wanna Die” are brilliant outlets for teenage angst, while lead singer Taylor actually has a good voice to match her good looks. Not too shabby. I look forward to the coming years and seeing what Taylor offers us in her late teens and can only imagine what her twenties will bring. Tour with Juliette Lewis? I think so.

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