Beauty Bar Events – March 2011

Beauty Bar events are in full swing this Spring. Check out what the Beauty Bar has in store for you!

Tuesday, March 15 – Spotlive presents Fly Phoenix, Caught in Your Pockets, Magic Magic, Clark Parker, hosted by Ill Legit with sounds by DJ5ive (6pm; free)

Spotlive Presents is a live events company that loves hip hop. In their own words, “we are artist inspired and driven by fans to elevate the live entertainment experience.” For Tuesday, they’ve curated a night featuring some of the most exciting new music in the Chicago soul/funk/hip hop scene. Fly Phoenix are a socially conscious alternative soul group that breaks through conventional music genres molding various cultural ethnic and ideological backgrounds and have brought them a cult following throughout the Midwest. They’re headlining this night of live music and setting the tone for the myriad of sounds being presented throughout the night.
$4 Corona

Friday, March 18 – Electric Elegance & Ground Life Media present AD [After Disco] featuring Frique, Adulture, Just One Duran, Yazi the DJ and DJ Trew (9pm; free w/ RSVP, before 11pm, $3 after)

This new monthly series A.D. takes a closer listen to the tumultuous post-Demolition Nights years and celebrates the emergence and evolution of House music & culture. Every 3rd Friday, A.D. will take over the Beauty Bar with a resident line up of up-and-coming and journeyman talents and for the launch welcomes a long-time veteran of Chicago’s House music scene, Frique. A standout on the Chicago music scene since the early 90s, DJ Frique has travelled the world, garnering respect for his DJ skills and his ability and willingness to mix different genres of music. Friday Night Fever!
$3 Bud drafts, $3 PBR tall boys, $4 well drinks

03.14.11 Parle Mondays presents a Night with Black Hearts Hair with Sounds by DJ Trew (10pm; free)

03.15.11 Spotlive presents Fly Phoenix | Caught in Your Pockets | Magic, Magic | Clark Parker | hosted by Ill Legit | Sounds by DJ5ive (6pm; free)

03.15.11 Timbuck2uesdays (10pm; free)

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03.16.11 Victim of Time & Do312 present ‘Pizza Pizza Wednesdays’ featuring Vee Dee (live) | VoT DJs (10pm; free)

03.17.11 Push Monthly featuring Leo 123 | Zainghis Khan | Fess Grandiose | Den Mark | hosted by Elevation | live painting by Sam Rolfes (10pm)

03.18.11 Electric Elegance & Ground Life Media presents AD [After Disco] featuring | Frique | Adulture | Just One Duran | Yazi the DJ | DJ Trew (9pm; Free w/ RSVP before 11pm, $3)

03.19.11 The Prince vs Michael Experience (10pm; $5)

03.20.11 Everything is Whack (10pm; free)

03.21.11 Parle Mondays

03.22.11 Timbuck2uesdays (10pm; free)

03.23.11 Pizza Pizza Wednesdays featuring Burning Itch [Tic Tac Totally] (10pm; free)

03.25.11 Dinosaur Feathers | Motel Motel (7pm; free)

03.25.11 Moneypenny & UR Chicago present ‘Spandexxx’ featuring Beni | Step Dad (live) | Moneypenny (10pm; $5)

03.26.11 Another 90s Party (10pm; free before 11pm, $3)

03.29.11 Timbuck2uesdays (10pm; free)

03.30.11 Do312 presents Pizza Pizza Wednesdays featuring Call Me Lightning (free)

03.31.11 SHEER Change

04.01.11 Rethink Pop Music Presents The Chaotic Good | Action/Adventure | Option4 | OnTron (10pm; free)

04.04.11 A Night with Kilo Records

04.06.11 Das Boton | Lonesome Organist (10pm; free)

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