Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You: No Kidding!

Does it Offend You, Yeah?
Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You
The End Records
Released: 3/15/2011

Sometimes we try to hard to be too much only to fall on our faces having accomplished nothing. Sometimes we are so caught up in our self-image that we realize we have no idea who we are.

Does it Offend You, Yeah? recently released their sophmore album, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You, which is a collection of out-of-focus aural experiments that mostly don’t work. They bill themselves as a dance band, but I defy any human to do something that resembles dance while listening to “John Hurt” the second cut on this cacophonic collection.

The production values are non-existent throughout the album. Some of the songs have so much fuzzy static competing with out of control lazar beams sounds – you almost wonder if the band knows about musical tones and keys and time signatures.

There are sparse moments of musicality, but it seems that every time DIOYY has a musical idea, they find a way to talk themselves right out of if.  That or they beat it into the ground with such inane repetition transforming it from a likeable club mix to a futuristic supermarket muzak track.

In their defense, the band will attempt the occasional sonic variation, but again they aren’t focusing it or giving it purpose, leaving the listener scratching their dissatisfied head.

There is a song on the disc called “Wrestler,” which opens with a very angry man on a very funny (ironic) diatribe. You will expect a lot more – you will be sadly left wanting. The song just drops into tedium with the occasional f-bomb!

Listenable Tracks
Pull Out My Insides


1. We Are The Dead
2. John Hurt
3. Pull Out My Insides
4. Yeah
5. The Monkeys Are Coming
6. Wrong Time Wrong Planet
7. Wrestler
8. Wondering
9. The Knife
10. Broken Arms


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  1. Loki says:

    This album is brilliant. Don’t listen to this dude he seems confused.

  2. Mal CUrtis says:


    That is all.

  3. Philip says:

    This is utterly uninspired. You are a grade A example of why people shouldn’t be allowed to review.

  4. Paul Barile says:

    what a fucking assbag – this album and this band is great. fuck you, paul barile

  5. Jack Marsden says:

    Are you fucking high???

  6. Patty says:

    or maybe you’re so stuck inside a certain genre that you can’t appreciate anything outside of the box.

    I think its fantastic. it gives me something new to listen to that isn’t a replica of some other band.

  7. disillusioned says:

    what an absolute joke of a review… Paul Barile you must be one miserable man

  8. dani says:

    This band is awesome. Seen them live twice and they are epic. Haven’t listened to their new album yet, but the previous one is great.

    Generally people shouldn’t be allowed to review, every review is personal and not applicable to the rest so shut up

  9. JP Morin says:

    “The song just drops into tedium with the occasional f-bomb!” -Worst review I’ve ever seen

    Great FUCKING band!

  10. Paul Barile says:

    why does Paul Barile’s email come up when leaving a reply? this is odd

  11. devbo says:

    Paul probably thinks Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is good music. DIOYY knew exactly what they were doing with this record. I got a quarter chub listening to it.

  12. @Dani: You are kidding right?People should not be allowed to review albums? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just because you don’t like What Paul has to say doesn’t mean we are going to keep quiet.

  13. Rich doesitoffendyouyeah stead says:

    There one of the best alt bands out there that really do keep 2 feet onthe ground !! The new album is amazing and who the fuck says you have to stick to ONE genre of music when doing a album??? This guy should take off his blinkers turn down the latest strokes album on his stereo get off his arse and gettio a does it offend you yeah? Gig !!!
    This album is hard aggressive melodic Drenched in emotion all wrote from the HEART !!!so FUCK you your wrongFUCK you were right

  14. J says:

    “Sometimes we are so caught up in our self-image that we realize we have no idea who we are.”
    irony. the fact that you can review an album doesn’t make you a qualified music critic.
    I wonder if you know about musical keys and time signatures, cos after listening to the album a couple of times, it’s practically all in 4/4, and there are no duff notes to be heard. As for “musical tones” thats purely down to the listener to decide if they like the aggressive sound production, if anything it makes it different to most of the over produced music you hear nowadays (surely thats a good thing).
    Overall, i thoroughly enjoyed the album. It isn’t as instantly gripping as their first but it flows better, and they sound like an actual band now.
    Thanks for warning me guys. It’s amazing!!!

  15. Rich doesitoffendyouyeah stead says:

    What right do you have to say a band should stick to ONE genre on a album ?!?!?
    I suggest you take off the blinkers stop listening to the strokes new single on repeat, and go see them live !
    The new album is aggressive ,melodic , depressing , dark , uplifting , wrote from the heart and everything I want in a album so go stick ya review up your arse pal

    I hope this offends you !

    Rich x

  16. The Actual Paul Barile says:

    Just for the record; I never said they should stick to one genre. I just said that this isn’t a very good album.
    I stand by my words with examples, logic, clarity, and a dearth of profanities. I sign my name to it. I’ll write another one tomorrow. Tune in! Have a great summer!

  17. Phil McCracken says:

    Jesus wept this guy has literally no sense of music in his entire body
    And this entire website is shit looks like it was designed by a 13 year old high school student

    Fuck this shit never coming back here again!

  18. AyOhAy says:

    “futuristic supermarket muzak track.” That was poetic man, beautiful writing.

  19. The Actual Louise says:

    DIOYY? have release one of the best albums out there. Sometimes I listen to it and think its just about fucking perfect. Sorry if this album offends your musical sensibilities, but as a life long music fanatic I think your opinion is pretty wrong :)
    By the way, go and see them live if you want to see what’s missing from most of the current music scene recently. Passion, fire and banging songs – you may not know what any of that feels like tho in which case don’t bother..

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