4onthefloor Release Debut LP 4×4, Out On 4.4.2011

Self released

4 on the floor 4X4

Finally – from Minnesota a quartet of young lions who have released sixteen (well one is 35 seconds long) large slabs of blues that don’t beg for attention – they command your ear and your ear is happy.

The idea that 4onthefloor is a novelty (they employ four bass drums which keep the thunder booming throughout) is immediately discarded when they break into such powerful multi-layered cuts such as “Lionhearted.”

Gabriel Douglas possesses a voice that lives at the ecstatic guttural intersection of Eric Burden and Jim Morrison. He pours every drop of his passion for what he is doing into the microphone and the cables that can just barely contain his power.

The idea that 4onthefloor is another white-boy-blues retread is dismissed as they flit effortlessly – yet with great chugging power from guitar driven blues – to shuffling drum heavy vibe you would expect from a band with such a unique “rhythm section.”

The quartet brings passion and power into the studio which fuels this manic – but precisely played music. Over the years there have been a plethora of white-boy-blues bands. The biggest problem was they were too easily classified as either being white – or being boys.

4onthefloor plays color-blind music that is far older than they are – which is odd because they write their own songs. These are some old souls making incredible new music.

Check out “Cashillac” for what should be a radio staple this summer. Sadly it is too good for most radio programmers to catch on to it.

“For Pa (For Ma)” is a nice way to round out the sonic rollercoaster. The mellow rambling sound – highlighted with slightly crunchy guitars – deftly carries Douglas’s voice from the mesh amplifiers right into you ear.

Stand Out Tracks
First on a List of Things I Don’t Need
For Pa (For Ma)

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