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Download Lights’s “My Boots” Remix Free for a Limited Time!

Photo by Matt Vardy

We love Lights here at the Dead Hub and we really want everyone in on the new Light’s song.  Well it’s not super brand new, but the remix is!  For a limited time you can go onto Lights’s website and enter your email to receive the remix of “My Boots” for free plus you’ll be able to watch an exclusive video.

You only have until the 28th of March so start cracking!

If you haven’t done so already, take a gander at the Original Lithograph designed by Lights.  She released the lithograph “Brett Says Stay” on 2/14, yes, Valentine’s Day. You can check the litho design here, but alas they are sold out.


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  1. sheepskin says:

    can i still download the music now ? i hope it’s not too late

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