Blackguard Creates Japan Relief Fund Drive

In the week before the release of their highly anticipated album Firefight, Montreal’s Blackguard have orchestrated a donation drive to benefit the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victims, with all proceeds going directly to the Red Cross. While all those with even a remote connection to current news feel empathy, we must band together as a global community to help our fellow man in this time of need. Blackguard released the following statement via their Facebook page:

“Spending as much time as we do driving around the country gives us a lot of time to talk to each other. One of these recent talks was about how to make a small “dent” in the pain that is being experienced right now in Japan with the Earthquake and Tsunami. Adding the fact that one of our managers was caught in the middle of the 2004 Asian Tsunami, this all hit very close to home for us. So, we set up this way to make a donation and are asking all of our fans, other bands, promoters we play for, and just about anyone else out there to feel free to donate as much as you can for such a special cause. When we return from our European tour the middle of April and before we leave for the Symphony X tour the following week, we will make an announcement of the full donation we are sending and give special name mention to the 10 highest donors.”


For more ways to donate, please visit:

Please spread the word about this cause in dire need of global support.


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