Artist to Watch: Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills Milwaukee 2122011 6 frontNatalia Kills has recently been on tour opening up for pop star Robyn, and that where I first heard her music.  She was pushing her single “Mirrors” and when I say push I mean she was giving it away for free if you said hello to her at the merch booth.  I am not really big on singles, but “Mirrors” had me at the first bar.  It’s produced by and features Akon.

Her debut album, Perfectionist, is due out this summer and she has some major superstars backing her album.   Being on’s imprint label isn’t too bad for a talented young lady who is just 24 years old.

Natalia also just released a teaser video trailer for her new song “Wonderland,” You can catch that here.

For her live show, it was amazing. Are you sitting down for this one? Natalia actually sings! Yes, she sings and she can dance and not get winded. I guess that’s the plus side to only being 24 years old. The downside to her show in Milwaukee is her set was only 3 songs long.  That particular night it was Robyn’s comeback from cancelling several previous shows including a big show in Chicago.  The show started an hour and a half later than scheduled and Natalia Kills was cut short.

I know next time she comes around I’ll be there for it and I recommend you do the same.

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