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  • JHud Rises Above

    Jennifer Hudson I remember meJennifer Hudson
    I Remember Me
    Arista Records
    Released: 3/22/2011

    Jennifer Hudson’s name has become synonymous with the word tragedy, unlike most celebs and musicians today this sadly has been through no fault of her own. As she releases her sophmore album many expect to hear and will even seek out the song for her mother, then the song for her brother, and the heart wrenching song for her nephew, but will find themselves empty handed; as there is a limited amount of weakness or grovelling here.

    Everyone in America seems to love a tragedy. Shocking stories of celebrities’ heart ache and and their health issues grip us as if they are our own struggles. Events like what happened to JHud make us tuck our children in a little tighter at night. It’s a startling event that makes us turn to our fighting partner and apologize and say I love you instead of the previously planned hateful words. We lived Jennifer’s pain as they searched for her nephew and broke the news about her mother and brother. Now as we listen to her new album it’s nearly impossible to separate those events and solidify the artist and the music from what she had to live through. Yet she handles the fallout of her life with such grace and overcoming strength that for just a moment you lose yourself in song, which one might suspect Jennifer did in recording the album.

    All in all it is just a good solid album with JHud’s stellar pipes present at all times. The title track is easily the most standout of any song on the album. The track is based on a poem Jennifer wrote and is one of the few songs that addresses her struggle with overcoming loss. It blantantly stares in the face of her stages of grief and extendes a middle finger to sadness as she finds her way, again. It’s an inspirational track to anyone who has ever lost someone and marks Jennifer’s first writer’s credit. I Remember Me will be released as a single on May 1st, 2011 and should lift to the top of the charts where it belongs. In the face of it all JHud has created a feel good album, personifying Per Aspera Ad Astra. Bravo Girl.

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