Milwaukee is Run Through the Static Cycle

Static Cycle on Tour with Drowning Pool
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

Static Cycle is:
Jared Navarre – Lead Vocals
Josh Witham – Lead Guitar
Dennis Smith – Drummer
Johnny Nabors – Bass
Danny Resnick – Keyboard

Static Cycle 142 copy

The band, Static Cycle, hail from the state of Alaska, known for long winters, beautiful landscapes, and the Palins. This young band, for the last two plus years, has made its mark in Alaska and is now about to take the lower 48 states by storm.

Static Cycle is out to prove they can rock with the best of them by going on tour with Hard Rockers, Drowning Pool & Pop Evil.  Last year’s single, “Inside This World of Mine,” Static Cycle made news by fellow Alaskan, Bristol Palin, being in the video.

As they got ready to take the stage in the basement hall of The Rave, you wondered if they could pull off their unique sound they have on their EP album, Part 1: Hydrate, as well as their harder first album, When We Meet Again. As singer Navarre hit the stage, the girls were screaming with his rock star looks and killer vocals. Resnick was on Keys and Witham provided the soundscapes, as well as Nabors on bass, and drummer/rapper Smith, they were able to recreate the EP sound live.

The setlist leaned more on the hard songs. The30 minutes they had included songs  “I’ll Take you Back,” “Pressure,” “Disguise” and “Inside This World of Mine.” Being the first band on stage is never easy especially with four more bands still to play,  but Static Cycle had the crowd going and even mixed in a little Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, and Smith doing a little rapping.

Towards the end of the set, Navarre jumped into the crowd and crowd surfed. Afterward, the band stayed signing merchandise for the fans until the very end of Drowning Pool’s set.

If you’re going to this show, make sure you come early to check out this fresh new band, Static Cycle.



written by Peter Lizano

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