Sum 41’s Screaming Bloody Murder

Sum 41
Screaming Bloody Murder

Sum 41 Screaming Bloody Murder

I must say when I heard Sum 41 had a new album coming out I was shocked. To be honest I didn’t even think they were still around anymore. Growing up during the time of pop-punk being in its prime I’m always delighted to reminisce of Sum 41’s All Kill No Filler but any album after that I lost interest. I didn’t get it when they went all metal on us. And Screaming Bloody Murder is much different than anything I have ever heard from the trio.

Screaming Bloody Murder’s first track “Reason To Believe” is a mixture of metal & pop-punk. I know that may sound sort of odd but it actually really works well together. “Screaming Bloody Murder” has beautiful piano & vocals in the begining before the rocking out begins. This one is definitely my favorite! I can picture myself singing along to this at their show. “All Comes To An End” Deryck Whibley resembles the voice of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, it’s kinda strange but works for me! “Time For You To Go” has a very poppy and has pumped drumbeats. “Jessica Kills” reminds me of the old school Sum 41 with the fast guitar riffs and screaming vocals.

Overall I think Screaming Bloody Murder is lyrically more ‘mature’ than Sum 41’s previous albums. Which I suppose is fitting as we ain’t getting any younger! Even though I wasn’t sure what this album would have in store for me I was pleasantly surprised. I think Sum 41 may have a fighting chance in winning me back with Screaming Bloody Murder.

Reason To Believe
Screaming Bloody Murder
All Comes To An End
Time For You To Go
Jessica Kills
What Am I To Say?
I Sick Of All
Happiness Machines
Over Now
Blood In My End
Baby You Do Not Want To Know
Back Where I Belong
Exit Song

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