American Idol would like (more of) your money

American Idol 10th AnniversaryAmerican Idol
10th Anniversary – The Hits -Volume 1
RCA Records
Released: 03/15/2011

American Idol would like to celebrate it’s tenth anniversary by releasing a CD which contains songs that most of us already have on mp3. There is nothing new, nothing unreleased, or any limited live versions to be had here. Who will buy this album then?


Who still buys CDs?


It’s almost unfair how targeted this -while the show is on – release is. It would seem more ethical if it were pre-packaged with a happy meal. All of the 9 previous season’s winners are here with their biggest singles, and 3 runners up provide the filler to make it a “full” 12 track record. The absence of JHud and presence of Taylor Hicks seems backwards based on their portfolios. I wonder if the addition of Jennifer might have also attracted a post grade school crowd? ..

The CD makes a great gift for your little cousin Josh’s pool party this summer, or for your great aunt who just loves that gosh darn idol show and can’t work her laptopy to burn a cd, but other than that, I can’t fathom the need to buy or sell this.. If only for AI to rival the NOW! (#48752) compilation series, and for you to have your very own (Ryan Seacrest voice) AMERICAN IDOL CD COASTER!

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