Timber Timbre brings gothic blues to Joe’s Pub

Timber Timbre
Joe’s Pub –  New York
Enter Joe’s Pub and lights are dimmed as Taylor Kirk, Mika Posen and Simon Trottier (aka Timber Timbre) emerge on stage.  Two red lights are illuminated for the rest of the evening.  This friends is the mood for the night.  Dark shadows lulled by the guttural voice of Mr. Kirk, which is reminiscent of one Tom Waits but a little lighter on the raspiness. The Canadian trio begins with “Bad Ritual”, which nicely blends with the clattering dishes in the background.  Mika’s plucks of her violin provided a sweet yet haunting contrast to the deep bass and sharp strums of Taylor’s guitar.


“Keep on Creepin On” could be the new theme song for True Blood.  Feels like you are lurking around Bill’s plantation house.  Timber Timbre’s tunes are dark and cavernous, as Taylor’s vocal echo on “Black Water”.  The band have spoken about how an introductions to Sam Cooke and 50’s dop wop shaped the new record.  You can hear the influences with the incorporation of playful major and minor chords played in repetition on several tracks.

The demeanor of the band is strictly business.  Taylor barely speaks only to indicate the next song isn’t as “romantic” or quick thank you’s.  The audience did not even know the right moments to applaud as if we were going to break some ominous seance.  From the strums of Simon’s lap steel to Mika’s glide of her bow, the pitch grew like chants.  Welcome to the world of Timber Timbre.

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