Oh Land: can make the blue sky blush

Oh Land
Self Titled
Fake Diamond, Epic, RCA Records
Released: 3/15/11

oh land oh land

Usually artists become double and triple threats after they are good at one thing, and want to prove they might be good at another. In Oh Land’s case, she turned to creating music after one thing had ended for her. After an injury proved she would never dance again, she immediately began her healing musical path which is proving to be her second calling.

It’s synthpop, the new craze everyone is doing! Yet the genre is still a breath of fresh air to me each time I hear something from it simply because I am so sick of hearing the same. songs. over. and. over. about bottle service, making it rain, girls and cars. Granted synthpop (little boots, la roux, mgmt, etc etc) is borderline becoming overdone, overused, and overhipstered, we are still in the safe zone where we dare a new artist to top what’s already been done. We’re still open to be refreshed by a new artist, and so I am proud to give you: Oh Land, who is invigoratingly different than what’s preexisting. How can that be? Well, It doesn’t hurt anything that she looks like the Danish version of Ms. Heidi Klum. Then there is that voice of hers that is inspired by Bjork but sounds like Beth Gibbons. Interesting like Karin Dreijer Andersson but sexy and somehow still airy and at times even sounds a bit Nelly Furtado”ish” in the best way, (if there were a best way) all coupled with near perfect lyrics that say nothing and everything all at once solidifying her staying power. I remain inspired by Oh Land’s story and songs, taking her lesson that if you don’t succeed in your first path, move along to your middle name and carry on again.

Looking forward to seeing this beauty at Glasonbury Festival in two short months!
In the meantime I suggest you begin your Oh Land journey with the following videos, then BUY THE cd.

Props to Oh Land for playing an omnichord and not looking like a tool!

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  1. Russell says:

    Saw Oh Land play the Brooklyn Bowl in NY and she was absolutely phenomenal. It has taken a while for this gem to take off in the states, but I have a feeling that she’s going to blow up after festival season.

  2. AyOhAy says:

    What a lucky show you caught! I agree, after she plays Glastonbury in the UK for sure. She’ll go from indie to hipster in .05 seconds!

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