I’m From Barcelona – Forever Today

I’m From Barcelona
Forever Today
Release Date: 4/19/11

Do you like bands that can fill a stage? No, seriously fill a stage. We are talking 27 Swedes. On their third US release, Forever Today, I’m From Barcelona does not stray away from the playful and poppy sound of their last album, Who Killed Harry Houdini? Opening with “Charlie Parker”, lead singer Emanuel Lundgren is accompanied by his chorus of 20+ chanting “Come on sing to me now Bird” and you cannot help but join in.  The album is largely composed of electric key-based medleys until half way through on “Come On” when the horns really trumpet in.  “Skipping a Beat” literally doesn’t skip beats.  In fact hand claps ensure it and a very 80’s bass line.  This is an ongoing trend with the first single “Get In Line” which infuses synths and hand claps galore.  Whose down for an electric soul train?

I’m down to get in line with I’m From Barcelona.  Something about this oversized group is infectious.  Maybe it’s the built in audience sing along or the genuine fun the band members have.  Heck touring with 27 folks can stir up some trouble, but that doesn’t seem like that’s the case with this crew.

You can buy the album on iTunes on Tuesday!  Highly recommended to provide the perfect summer soundtrack.
Track list
Charlie Parker
Get In Line
Always Spring
Can See Miles
Come On
Skipping A Beat
Dr. Landy
Game Is On
Forever Today

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