Janet Jackson on Facebook?!?!

I smell a rat! I was on Facebook and I noticed a profile for Janet Jackson. You can see it here (for now).   My first thought was that there is no possible way Janet would have a personal “public profile” on Facebook. This Jackson keeps her life low-key and out of the public eye as much as she can.  The more I looked at the profile, my suspicions became stronger and the red flags became more prominent.

1.       Janet Jackson is a very private person. For goodness sake, look how long she was married and no one even knew! She married René Elizondo, Jr. in 1991 and the world found out in 2000 that they were married because René filed for divorce. This “Janet” on Facebook even announced that she is in a relationship! (see pic 1 below)


2.       Facebook doesn’t verify accounts, and if they did, they wouldn’t do it with a cheesy Photoshop picture.  Mark Zuckerburg has better things to do. (See pic 2 below)

3.       If I were Janet, I would have someone editing my account so I don’t sound like an uneducated child.  (see picture 3)

4.       Did I mention Janet Jackson is a very private person who would hide her personal profile if she had one?  You CAN “like” her official PAGE here.

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