New Band Evokes Old Band with Interesting Results

Fuzzy Dreams

Rock and Roll mythology bears a great amount of epic sagas ranging from fishing out of hotel windows to just about everything in Keith Moon’s life. One of the more romantic stories is the American Indian vibe that surrounds Jim Morrison.

To believe the 1991 Oliver Stone biopic – there was a car accident involving some American Indians and one of their souls jumped into the body of a young Jim Morrison and that is part of what made him the American Poet and the wild and free spirit we all know and (some) love.

Geronimo – the 21st century rock and roll incarnation – seems to have been the recipient of Jim Morrison dying and his soul jumping into their collective body. The hard rocking trio creates music that seems to have picked up right where the Doors left off – minus the soaring vocals and Robby Kreiger’s guitar.

“Fill Me Up” completely – and eerily captures the surreal sweeping soundscapes of later Doors’ albums. By the time you get to “Battery Acid Mustache” you are almost convinced the band has reunited for one last session.

“Deep Warmth” ends in a musical elegy that sounds like it was pulled from out-takes of the Doors’ recording of “The End.” With each chord change and sound vibration, you will keep hearing Morrison’s melodramatic voice call for his mother.

Despite this – or because of this – “Fuzzy Dreams” (even the name rings of the famous quartet) is a solid rocking album. Maybe because it is more honest than the countless reunion acts. Maybe because they are playing with power instead of an endorsement deal. Maybe because their heart is in the right place.

Geronimo’s “Fuzzy Dreams” is a free download at Check it out.

Stand Out Tracks

Fill Me Up
Battery Acid Mustache
Judgment Day

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