Foals! Showing Chicago Who’s in Charge

Metro – Chicago, IL

Foals is:
Yannis Phillppakis (Vocals, Guitar, Live Drums)
Jack Bevan (Drums)
Jimmy Smith (Guitar)
Edwin Congreave (Keyboard, Backing Vocals)
Walter Gervers (Bass, Backing Vocals)

The night started out early for the younger crowd as they filled out the Metro by 6pm on a Wednesday evening. As people were trickling in, the Naked and Famous had already begun to play. It was a night of firsts for the band as they announced that it was the first time they were playing in Chicago, and the first time they were performing so early. By the time they finished their set the venue still seemed only half full.

Next up Freelance Whales took the stage. I was ecstatic, knowing that they played an eclectic range of instruments from the electric guitar, to the harmonium, banjo, mandolin, and glockenspiel; they were able to impressively incorporate them all onstage. Their songs are very serene and melodic; therefore the crowd seemed calm. It was only after halfway into their set, 6 songs to be exact, that the crowd began to get restless. It seems a bit ridiculous for a band that has only released one album, containing 13 songs, to play a 12 song set. After they finished their last song, the crowd was more than ready and thrilled for Foals.

The change in energy was drastic. The crowd went ballistic the moment that lead singer Yannis stepped on stage. They opened up with “Blue Blood” a single from their latest album Total Life Forever. They rocked on playing their hits “Miami” and “Spanish Sahara.” They also kept going back and forth into playing songs like “Olympic Airways” and “Balloons” from their debut album, Antidotes.

Yannis is definitely a force to see as he fully utilized the stage jumping, head-banging and stomping all around. He even whipped his hair back in forth so well that willow Smith would be proud. The energy that the crowd had pent up during the first two acts was definitely felt all through Foals’ set. Luckily they are the main act; otherwise they’d be a tough act to follow.

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