Alter Bridge: Day 2 in Chicago

Alter Bridge
House of Blues – Chicago, IL

All Photos by Paul Weber

Alter Bridge is:

Myles Kennedy – Vocals, Guitar
Mark Tremonti – Guitar, Vocals
Brian Marshall – Bass
Scott Phillips – Drums

Alter Bridge had a two-day party at the House of Blues on what would seem to be the most unlikely of days: Monday and Tuesday.  But a party is a party, right?

Chicago has a 10pm curfew for all-ages shows, so when the night started off at 6:15pm, some people complained, (mostly the beer drinkers) and some people didn’t mind. The party was opened with the New Zealand rockers, Like a Storm, and then followed up with the Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry.

Alter Bridge hit the stage around 8pm to a packed crowd.  The guys really knew how to play the crowd ( it’s really quite easy; it’s called being genuine, which these guys really are).  In my opinion, Alter Bridge is the alter ego for Creed.  Creed, back in the day,  was fueled by the enlarged ego of Scott Stapp.  The news never seemed good when Creed’s name popped up on the net.  Now, without Stapp, Alter Bridge is the group of guys that you could find playing in your local bar, except they are hitting the top music venues and festivals!  Alter Bridge onstage felt unrehearsed and real, all in a good way!  Myles would often crack jokes, even at himself,  would laugh when he forgot to hit a note, and often interacted with the crowd.  A band can’t really connect more with their fans than Alter Bridge does.

The set was solid. They pounded through a set that ranged from the heaviest of heavy to Myles sitting down with his guitar and playing an acoustic rendering. The setlist is below and you can see they played every radio hit they have thus far, and some of the most stellar tracks off their latest release, ABIII.   The songs that topped the night’s set were definitely “All Hope is Gone,” “I Know It Hurts,” and “Broken Wing.”

And a side note for Mr. Myles Kennedy: The whole idea of having a residency at the HOB with Alter Bridge works for us, and “Ladies Night” would totally work!

Setlist for the night:

Come to Life
Before Tomorrow
Buried Alive
Find the Real
Brand New Start
White Knuckles
All Hope is Gone
Ghost of Day
Broken Wing
One Day Remains
Ties that Bind
Couer D’ Aeline
I Know It Hurts
Watch Over You
Slip to the Void
Rise Today *Dedicated to Paul Weber who is leaving for Afghanistan in May
Open Your Eyes

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  1. yudi says:

    how can i get the video their concert?

  2. Carol says:

    We have been waiting since Feb. to see AB @ HOB. I bought 7 tickets to see the show was my 1st time at HOB. We drove abt 1 and a half to get there and find out the show went on so early so we missed quite a bit of the show. Dissapointed with HOB also so many little kids there. As for the comments about the people upset were beer drinkers (not true) I’m not a beer drinker! What I did see they were amazing. I probably won’t go back to HOB, not big enough for this band to play at.And let’s not forget it was a work day for people trying to get downtown, coming from the north.We also we celebrating my nephew’s 30th bday. Alterbridge I hope you come back to Chicago or Milwaukee to play at a bigger theatre and we will leave much earlier so we can see your whole set. Thank god I bought your dvd live in amsterdam! Thanks and God Bless this Band!!!

  3. steve says:

    They ROCKED on Monday! Wished I had been able to go for Tuesday.
    Anychance we can exchange USB recordings? I’d love to hear their Tuesday show.
    Thanks for the great pics!!!

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