Google Music (Beta) is Here!

Google officially announced their highly anticipated music service today: It’s called Music Beta, for now.

This is a cloud-based service like the one Amazon currently offers.  This enables music aficionados to upload their music collection to their Google Music account and access it from any of their Android devices, including tablets and smartphones.

The account is initially in Beta, which means Google is currently working on it.  This also means that the account is free until it comes out of Beta!  The account can hold up to 20,000 of your songs. I am assuming that the  20,000 is to start off with, and I am also assuming you’ll have to pay for more storage as you would for Gmail.


The one really cool thing about the service is the software caches your most recently played music, which  lets you listen to you music offline as well as online.

It’ll sync your iTunes and Windows Media playlists, ratings, and songs all in one place.

You can easily create a new playlist based on one song you choose.  Music Beta software finds 25 songs that sound similar to the song you chose to create your playlist.


It’s invitation only.

It’s invitation only to US residents.

To request your Music Beta invite you can go to:

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