Prussia Beams in Chicago!

Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

While most people often come to shows just for the headlining band; it’d be smart to say that just because a band might be opening a show it does not mean they are not talented. In some cases  the opening act even overshadows the headlining band.

In the case of Prussia; they held their own against Tune-yards. They were the only band that night to fully utilize the stage while trancedly  dancing around. Their style of music is very eclectic utilizing a range of sounds from strings, horns, to African percussion pieces. Their songs are a mixed style of pop. They garner influence from hip-hop, soul, afro, jazz indie and many other styles of music.

Unfortunately for those who did not arrive early enough to catch Prussia; they definitely missed out as the band rocked onstage to their latest song “What Am I Going To Tell Your Mom?” from their new Ep Four For Attention.

With an edgy and fresh style, Prussia is definitely a good band to listen to this summer. Check out their Ep Four For Attention

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