White Collar Lies

White Collar Lies
Label: Religion Music
Release Date: 3/1/2011

Kopek is the best thing that has come out of Ireland since U2 and the Riverdance guy.  The band won the title of “Best Live Act” at the Global Battle of the Bands.  The prize was $100,000 and a world tour.

It wasn’t until 2009 when a Dublin based record company, Religion Music, signed the trio to a multi-album deal. Their first album and current release  is White Collar Lies.

White Collar Lies is a solid piece of rock and roll put together on a disc.  It’s radio hits like “Cocaine Chest Pains” that are winning fans over.  Yet the tracks that really stand out on the album are “The Easy Way (D.B. Cooper)” and the motivational car song, “Bring it On.”

These guys are currently on tour with RED and Hinder.  They have a 1 year VISA here in teh United States so expect them to keep busy on the road.

They were previously on the road with Cold. It was an odd bill for a tour and unfortunately for Cold, Kopek stole the show.  Kopek kicked ass as the opener and then Egypt Central, another hard rock band, took the stage.  Cold hit the stage and put the crowd to sleep.

Kopek’s set was so rock and roll that I could really see these guys opening for the likes of Seether rather than Cold. At least the new tour has them paired up with rock bands RED and Hinder.

Kopek’s White Collar Lies is definitely a keeper and their live show is even better.

Tour with HINDER and RED

05/12/11 Kopek in La Crosse, WI La Crosse Center Arena United States
05/14/11 Kopek in Dayton, OH Mc Guffy’s House of Rock United States
HEADLINE SHOW – Presented by WXEG! Tour: with HINDER and RED
05/16/11 Kopek in Flint, MI The Machine Shop United States
05/17/11 Kopek in Niagara Falls, NY Rapids Theatre United States
05/19/11 Kopek in Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino United States
05/20/11 Kopek in Providence, RI Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel United States Address: 79 Washington Street. Venue phone: (401) 272-5876. With PAPA ROACH Related post. Tour: with HINDER and RED
05/22/11 Kopek in Traverse City, MI Ground Zero United States
05/27/11 Kopek in Columbus, OH Al Rosa United States
HEADLINE SHOW! 05/28/11 Kopek in Syracuse, NY New York State Fair Grounds United StatesTime: 2:00pm. KROCK’s DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY BBQ 5!!! Related post.
08/26/11 Kopek in Grand Junction, CO ROCK JAM FESTIVAL United States


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