Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr. takes pole position at Mercury Lounge

The Detroit duo, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., came out in their signature NASCAR jumpsuits only to strip them off to reveal business suits underneath.  This was all in line with their soon to be released album, It’s A Corporate World.  The crowd was ready for this board meeting.  The boys barreled into their first single “Morning Thought” with an enthusiastic crowd bopping along.

Josh Epstein welcomed the crowd saying they suited up for the occasion.  Having just come from Boston (who were claiming superiority over the Big Apple),  Josh and fellow bandmate Daniel Zott were genuinely amped for the New York fans and their first headlining gig.   They were equipped with dimmers shaped in the letters “J” and “R”, a pair of them of course.  As if “J” and “R” dimmers weren’t enough, there was…wait for it….a bubble machine.

The pair covered most of their tracks from  “An Ugly Person On A Movie Screen” to old favorites from their previous Horse Power EP, “Simple Girl” and “Vocal Chords”.  As expected a dude yelled “play some Beach Boys” and lo and behold their sweet reimagination of the classic “God Only Knows” was delivered.

Dedications were abound as “It’s A Corporate World” went to the suits of Wall Street and “We Almost Lost Detroit” to their hometown brethren.  Kicked off the night before, the band had recruited a handful of concertgoers to don skeleton costumes and join them on stage to sing on “Skeletons”.   If you are interested in being DEJJ’s own Skeleton Choir email skeletonchoir@yahoo.com. This reporter sadly missed out.  I do a mean skeleton.

DEJJ dismissed the “pretentious” walk off stage to return for an encore.  The encore opener was something they “had been working on”.  Curious, no?  The cheeky boys began with the lyrics “Think about it, there must be a higher love.”  Yes friends, a cover of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love”.  Genius!!!  To end the night full of shenanigans, the oldie but goodie “Nothing But Our Love” grabbed the checker flag for the night.

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  1. NYGator says:

    Good write-up and lol. That is my bald head in the background of the third pic holding up the flip camera.

  2. PrettyPistol says:

    They sound like such fun guys! I got tickets to their Sunday show in Brooklyn that’s for kids after reading this review.

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