Escape the Fate Returns!

Escape the Fate
Rave – Milwaukee, WI

Escape the Fate is:

Craig Mabbitt – lead vocals
Max Green – bass, backing vocals
Bryan Money – guitars, backing vocals
Robert Ortiz – drums, percussion

Escape the Fate opened for Seether last night at the Rave in Milwaukee.  They were  just here in February headlining their own show playing the exact same set. We caught up with Robert Ortiz to talk about their headlining tour and their crazy South American fans before their show last time around.

The crowd was ready for Escape the Fate.  Most of the fans arrived early because the Rave said the show was to start at 8pm.  The show time was changed to 8:50pm and everyone waited.  The fans became restless and started to chant for Escape the Fate a half hour before they were set to take the stage.  Too bad that doesn’t really work.

When they guys hit the stage,  not only were the fans ready to let out some steam, so were the guys.  Their sound was amazing and they won over some of Seether’s fans in the crowd.  Their stage presence was incredible and I really thought I was in for some cheesy label-made band.  I guess I listened to too much of the Blabbermouth hype about Phil Labonte from All That Remains in essence dogging Escape the Fate for their “preferential treatment,” superior management, and getting better spots on tour.   Yet, kudos to Escape the Fate for putting on an incredible rock show.


Choose Your Fate
10 Mile
Say of Wreckoning
Zombire Dance
Gorgeous Nightmare
This War is Ours
The Aftermath

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Escape the Fate on Tour:
MAY 172011      Dow Events Theater Saginaw, MI Buy Tickets
MAY 182011      Piere’s Entertainment Center Fort Wayne, IN   Buy Tickets
MAY 192011      Expo Five Louisville, KY  Buy Tickets
MAY 202011     Valarium Knoxville, TN  Buy Tickets
MAY 212011     Columbus Crew Stadium Columbus, OH Buy Tickets
MAY 232011    The National Richmond, VA  Buy Tickets
MAY 242011    Northern Lights Clifton Park, NY Buy Tickets
MAY 252011   Watertown Fairgrounds Arena Watertown, NY Buy Tickets
MAY 262011    Water Street Music Hall Rochester, NY Buy Tickets
MAY 282011   Midway Stadium Saint Paul, MN
MAY 292011    Rocklahoma Pryor, OK Buy Tickets
JUN 132011    Nova Rock Festival Nickelsdorf, AU, Austria Buy Tickets
JUL 122011     The Hub Fargo, ND, NUS
JUL 132011    Clyde Iron Works Duluth, MN, NUS
JUL 152011   Sioux Falls Stadium Sioux Falls, SD
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