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Friday, May 27 – Beauty Bar, Ruby Hornet & Ground Lift Media present ‘Digital Freshness: The Official Mayer Hawthorne After-Party’ featuring Mayer Hawthorne (DJ set), Rude One, VIPJ (10pm; $5)

Michigan-born hip-hop fan Drew Cohen and his sweet soul singer alter ego Mayer Hawthorne swing by after opening up a little show up at the Aragon Ballroom featuring Bruno Mars & Janelle Monae – maybe you’ve heard of em. Hawthorne fits the bill uptown perfectly and if the tracks off his new EP, Impressions, available now from Stones Throw are any indication, the man has diverse, and impeccable taste. Putting his own spin on classic tunes by ELO and the Isley Brothers as well as selections by Chromeo and Jon Brion on the new EP, Hawthorne continues to come across slick and meticulous, reveling in the elegant sounds of early Seventies tracks by Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes while working in decidedly modern touches. Hawthorne and Co., roll through the after party tonight and will be sharing tuneage duties with Rude One and VIPJ.

Monday, May 30 – Love Inks and Lion Limb (7pm; free)

You love her but she loves him and he loves somebody else. Austin, TX’s Love Inks knows all about amore and on the ten tracks of minimalist, bare-bones pop on their debut LP E.S.P., they tackle romance and love through dreamy hooks and torch-burning haze…yeah yeah. Locals Lion Limb are no slouches in the heart-felt department either – dark and ominous and called by various outlets around the city, “good good good,” “awesome,” and “infectious,” they should do a-ok in setting the mood for this early free Monday show.
$3 drafts, $4 well

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05.18.11 Goose Island presents ‘Summercamp Festival DJ Battle Finale’ featuring Team Bayside High | hosted by Ernest Wilkins (9pm; free)

05.19.11 Empty Bottle presents Wilderness of Manitoba | Death Ships (7pm; free)

05.19.11 Push Monthly presents Doc III | Raj Mahal | Ackryte | Doc Illingsworth | live painting by Pat Kuba Meerk (10pm; free before 11pm, $3)

05.20.11 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)

05.20.11 Electric Ellegance & Ground Lift Media presents ‘After Disco’ featuring Adulture | Samone Roberts | Yazi the DJ | Just.One.Duran | hosted by Anthony Maslo & Leslie (9pm; free before 11pm, $3)

05.21.11 Ornery Little Darlings & Narwhal Audio present the “Get After It” preview (8pm; free)

05.21.11 Beauty Bar x Empty Bottle x Stic of the Week present Austra | Trust | Gemini Club | | Ornery Little Darlings (10pm; $5)

05.22.11 Lush & Gush and Spotlive present ‘Dance Mass’ featuring Matboy White | The Thugettes | Just Jay [1773] | The Whoevers (live) | hosted by Awedazete, Oh My and Grassroots California (9pm; free)

05.23.11 Schools Out! Summer Kick Off Party featuring Action/Adventure | so[OH]six | Knife Fight (10pm; free)

05.24.11 Timbuck2uesdays featuring Timbuk2 | DJ Izzo (10pm; free)

05.25.11 Beauty Bar presents ‘Pizza Pizza Wednesdays’ featuring Plates (live) | Claw Toe (live) | DJ Jimmy Hollywood (DJ) (10pm; free)

05.26.11 ADHD & BBU Present ‘Party at Your Mom’s House’ featuring GLC (live) | Arrogant (live) | Stefan Ponce | DJ Esquire | DJ Earn Mney | The Thuggettes (9pm; free before 11pm, $3)

05.27.11 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)

05.27.11 Ruby Hornet, Beauty Bar & Ground Lift Media present ‘Digital Freshness: The Official Mayer Hawthorne Afterparty with DJ sets by Mayer Hawthorns | Rude One | VIP J (10pm; $5)

05.28.11 Another 90s Party (9:30pm; free w/ RSVP before 10pm, $3)

05.29.11 Ill Regards Records, The One Watches and PHLI Worldwide present: Lid Law “Lid-it-ure” Album Release Party featuring Lid Law (live) | Mikkey Halsted (live) | DJ Geno | DJ Chosen 1 | hosted by Hustle Simmons (9pm; free before 11pm, $3)

05.30.11 Love Inks | Lion Limb (7pm; free)

05.30.11 DJ Ben Pirani [Windy City Soul Club] (10pm; free)

05.31.11 Timbuck2uesdays featuring Timbuk2 | DJ Izzo (10pm; free)

06.01.11 Transfusion & Do312 present Pizza Pizza Wedensdays featuring Sarah Weis (live) | Very Truly Yours (live) | DJ Ryan Weinstein (10pm; free)

06.03.11 Rethink Pop Music presents DJ Rampage | The Chaotic Good | Orville Klein | Blake Dorsey | DJ Hurtz (9pm; free)

06.04.11 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)

06.04.11 Dovetail 3 Year Anniversary Party featuring Bonobo (DJ) | Environmental Encroachment (7pm; free before 9pm, $5)

06.07.11 Timbuck2uesdays featuring Timbuk2 | DJ Izzo (10pm; free)

06.11.11 Prince vs. Michael (10pm; $5)

06.20.11 Coma Cinema | Modern Man (6pm; free)

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