Don’t run from a sure vocal bet

Company Of Thieves
Running from A Gamble
Released: 5/17/11
Wind-up Records

Company of Thieves

Company of Thieves lead singer Genevieve Schatz has pipes, and she is not afraid to use them on the bands new album Running From a Gamble. From beginning to end, this is the Genevieve show. I’m alright with that considering she is a force to be reckoned with. Her vocal tones are a pleasant break from the norm, with shining glimmers of PJ Harvey and the spunk of Juliette Lewis. The third track “Modern Waste” showcases her vocal abilities, and the track “Look Both Ways” is a great example of the bands lyrical reach. My only critique is sadly an important note..the band. They certainly all play their instruments fine, but at times it felt like bland chicken broth. My ears kept waiting for anything quirky to happen. I yearned for any electronic sounds, at all. I love the bands story, and after reading it, it’s clear that they could give a shit less if they sound rock, or electronica, or even make anyone happy, as long as they get some treats for a gig and express themselves they will be content. This gives them five more points in my book. From a musical ear I personally just think Genevieve’s voice would go to the next level backed by synths and strong bass lines. As the album stands it is a solid rock album that plays well on a Sunday on your balcony with a glass of red and an overcast sky or in any atmosphere if you like easy building rock albums.

Catch the Company of Thieves at a venue near you this summer:

06/05/2011 Building24 – Wyomissing, PA
06/07/2011 Diesel – Pittsburgh, PA
06/09/2011 Mac’s Bar – Lansing, MI
06/10/2011 Otto’s – Dekalb, IL
06/11/2011 Harrison Center For The Arts – Indianapolis, IN
06/12/2011 Looney Tunes (Instore Performance & Signing) – West Babylon, NY
06/13/2011 Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY
06/14/2011 Northern Lights – Clifton Park, NY
06/15/2011 The Red Room @ Café 939 – Boston, MA
06/16/2011 Jammin’ Java – Vienna, VA
06/17/2011 Summit City Lounge – Whitesburg, KY
06/18/2011 Smith’s Olde Bar – Atlanta, GA

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