Pyro Fighter!

Pyro Fighter

Dany Mellette owes much to Lady Gaga, but she missed out on the element that makes Gaga go-go. Gaga imbues her work with sense of irony that keeps it mildly interesting – mostly just really danceable.

Pyro Fighter has released an EP of Electro-Pop that came out of the chute enjoying success on such notable shows as “Jersey Shore” and MTV’S “Once Upon a Prom.” Both of these vehicles are perfect for this redundant rhythmic rehash of itself.

“Pyro Fighter” is exactly what one would expect – and this is not a bad thing – for the “Jersey Shore” crowd. These are not people who are going to win too many Mensa memberships – but they will surely look awesome shaking their groove thing at the local club. (That is surely a natural tan…)

If there is a perfect electro-pop disc – this is it. The songs vary enough to be able to differentiate one from the other.    Patrick Stockhausen and Billy Arnett have programmed tight beats and layered them with interesting crescendos and decrescendos – a staple from their obvious music training.

Therein lies the closest thing to irony on display here. If Stockhausen and Arnett are not musically – formally – trained, they are the first true naturals I have ever heard of. I am sure it was a music degree with a computer minor (or the reverse.)

From the ivory tower, my musical snobbery is gnawing at the base of my neck begging for things like guitars solos and lyrics. Problem is my feet won’t stop tapping.

Stand out Track
I am the One


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