Yvette’s Monthly Mixer – Lunch Box

Yvette's Monthly Mixer Lunch Box

I love simple drinks that you can make at home even if you do not have a large stocked bar. Chances are you already have 2 out of the 3 items you need for this month’s mixer. It’s a drink that has become more and more popular these days called the Lunch Box. The secret to this drink that not many people know is that it’s meant to be slammed. Yes you heard me right! It’s a drink that is to be taken like a shot! Now I don’t  personally don’t drink it that way and usually I make mine a double. Or if you wanna make it a little bit stronger you can always add in more beer to fill up the galss. But try it out and see which way you like it best!

Drink Ingredients:
Lager – Any Light Beer will do.
OJ 1 oz
Amaretto 1 oz
*Please not the drink in the photo is a double*

Drink Preparation:
Fill a Tall Glass with 1/3 of your beer (I prefer Bud Light). Add 1 oz of OJ and 1 oz of Amaretto.

Servings: 1

The Hangover:
 Let me tell you, you should have no worries on feeling this one right away! I mean look at what’s in it! The only non alcohol item in this one is an ounce of OJ. Here is another quick and easy cocktail to add to your summer. Enjoy!

Ben Sollee (southern) charms Music Hall of Williamsburg

Uniquely placed in a burgeoning indie atmosphere of non-traditional artists, cellist Ben Sollee transcends genres jumping from classical to indie pop to soul to traditional Americana blue grass. On Wednesday evening, Ben hit the stage of the Music Hall of Williamsburg, with violinist Phoebe Hunt and percussionist extraordinaire Jordan Ellis, to the delight of his fans.

Ben played tracks from his latest album Inclusions, including “Close To You”, “Captivity”, “Electrified” and “Bible Belt”.   For the latter, Ben strapped on the electric guitar and provided an introduction to the aptly titled tune where this Kentucky boy grew up.  He described the signs that pepper his home, but couldn’t bring himself to recount what the signs exactly said.  The audience had no problem imagining what they proclaimed.  You can listen to these tracks and all of Inclusions in its entirety at bandcamp.

Though Ben didn’t pull out his “Change Is Gonna Come” cover, he enamored this Sam Cooke fan by interweaving “Good Times” into his rendtion of “It’s Not Impossible”.  Other tracks he played from his Learning To Bend album were “How To Watch A Sunrise”,  “Bury Me With My Car” and “Built For This”.  For BFT, what seemed to be a drunken fan request turned out to be one of the most enduring moments of the night.  A gentleman exclaimed we were married to that song.  How could Ben deny that?  He obliged with a  caveat –  only if they danced. Of course they did, along with several couples in the center of the floor after some coaxing from Ben.

As the evening neared its closing, Ben became thoughtful placing his de-fogged spectacles back on.  He spoke of his contribution, “The Wires” to Patagonia Music and how the proceeds of the track’s purchase went to a cause close to his heart, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.  The organization rallies local communities to battle mountaintop coal removal in the Appalachian region. It was fitting that Ben encored with “Only A Song” as the crowd sang along “But it’s only a song, it can’t change the world”.  Lesson of the night – be the change that you want to see in the world.  Amen!  To top it all off, Ben covered Cat Stevens  “Wild World” a thrilling end of all ends to send us off in the night.

Rascal Flatts Brings Sun and Fun to Country USA

Rascal Flatts Country USA
A day of sunshine provided necessary relief after several days of rain at Country USA. It didn’t help the muddy conditions but it certainly improved the mood of all those in attendance to see Rascal Flatts headline on Friday night.

Diamond Rio brought their bluegrass influenced style Friday evening to warm up the crowd for Easton Corbin and Rascal Flatts. They had plenty of material to cram into their hour time-slot, having charted 32 singles in their career. Still touring with its original members, Marty Roe (lead vocals) rolled through a handful of hits in an opening montage before getting to favorites Meet in the Middle, How Your Love Makes Me Feel, One More Day, Beautiful Mess, and I Believe and apologized if they didn’t get to everyone’s particular favorite.

Easton Corbin is a country boy from Florida. Granted, when you think of a country artists Florda might be the last place you’d think, but Easton is a rising star in country music and only released one album thus far. He is most noted for his biggest hits to date, I am a Little More Country Than That and Roll with It off his self-titled debut that was released in March 2010. He’s still riding high on the very successful album, having toured with Brad Paisley, and was primed to open for Rascal Flatts tonight as he has been doing on the current Flatts Fest tour.

Corbin carries a very traditional country sound, enough that many radio station (and especially fans in Texas) refer to him as George Strait Jr. Corbin’s performance of his playful song Don’t Ask Me About A Woman suggests wisdom beyond his years as one lyric states, “that’s some complicated stuff, they ain’t made to figure out, they’re just made to love.” Corbin also displayed strong and emotional-filled vocals on I Can’t Love You Back. During his set he played all but two songs off his album added a new song Tulsa, Texas.

Easton Corbin Photo Gallery:

It’s hard to believe that Rascal Flatts has been around since 2000. They’ve come such a long way from being live performers in Chely Wright’s band to country superstars and headliners. Their latest release, Nothing like This, marked a new era for Rascal Flatts by signing with Big Machine Records. The namesake track off the album also gave the trio their eleventh #1 single on the country music charts.

So what did Rascal Flatts do to celebrate? Hit the road of course! They’ve been headlining the Nothing Like This Tour and Flatts Fest this summer. They also presented Country USA with a stunning audiovisual headlining display. The band entered from doors atop staircases that projected from the rear of the stage and the trio positioned themselves in front of three drums kits perched at the forward portion of the stage. The lights dimmed and all three played causing the drums to light when struck–Vegas meet Oshkosh. It also gave the crowd a needed jolt as they took the stage a little after 11 pm and 30 minutes past their expected starting time.

The drums seemingly disappeared as they moved into Why Wait. Vocalist Gary LeVox moved back and forth across the stage as though he was trying to project out to farthest reaches of the festival grounds. Their set was limited to just over an hour, consistent with the other headliners and perhaps one feature that should be changed. A suggestion would be to add a second stage to keep a continuous flow of music throughout the day; and this should be coupled with a minimum 90-minute to two-hour headlining slot. Despite the relatively short set, Rascal Flatts were able to include Fast Cars and Freedom, What Hurts the Most, Me and My Gang, and Bless the Broken Road. They played an energetic set and perhaps the most entertaining through the first four days of Country USA.

Rascal Flatts Photo Gallery:


Easton Corbin Setlist:

1. The Way Love Looks

2. Don’t Ask Me ‘Bout a Woman

3. A Little More Country Than That

4. Put A Girl In It (Brooks & Dunn cover)

5. This Far From Memphis

6. It Must Be Love (Don Williams cover)

7. Leaving A Lonely Town

8. A Lot to Learn About Livin’

9. Watching Airplanes (Gary Allan cover)

10. Tulsa, Texas

11. I Can’t Love You Back

12. Don’t Happen Twice (Kenny Chesney cover)

13. That’ll Make You Wanna Drink

14. Roll With It

Rascal Flatts Setlist

1. Why Wait

2. Me and My Gang

3. Summer Nights

4. Bless the Broken Road

5. Stand

6. Unstoppable

7. Life is a Highway (Tom Cochrane cover)

8. Fast Cars and Freedom

9. Take Me There

10. What Hurts the Most

11. Bob That Head


12. I Won’t Let Go

13. Dancing on the Ceiling



Trace Adkins Caps Off Second Day Mudfest at Country USA

Trace Adkins country usa
Country USA’s second day of talent ranged from newcomers, The Band Perry, to seasoned veterans, Sawyer Brown, to radio favorite Trace Adkins.

Sawyer Brown, the original American Idols, as jokingly proclaimed by vocalist Mark Miller, were the opening act for Trace Adkins. It’s a fair statement considering Star Search gave them their break nearly three decades ago. Wanting to energize the crowd early, they led into their set with Six Days on the Road, The Boys and Me, and George Jones’ The Race Is On. Miller took survey of the packed festival to see who had not previously been to a Sawyer Brown concert. As hands went up he proceeded to inform them, “You need to get out more, we’ve been out here for 30 years.” Fronting an epic career and massive song bank they went to their roots with Step That Step and Betty’s Being Bad from 1983. Following that walk down memory lane they jumped to the present with new single, Smokin’ Hot Wife, which emanated a Jimmy Buffet beach vibe. One of Sawyer Brown‘s highlights of the show occurred when keyboardist, Gregg “Hobie” Hubbard took center stage and mic from Mark Miller to perform Joe Walsh’s Life’s Been Good, pausing briefly to attempt MC Hammer’s Hammer-Time dance, drawing laughs. They put forth 19 songs to a receptive crowd, many that danced in place, by the time their set was complete. It’s no wonder Sawyer Brown have survived three decades in a difficult industry and are still thriving. They’ve gained the respect of fans and musicians alike; including Alabama who invited them to play at Alabama’s induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Sawyer Brown Gallery:

What a month for Trace Adkins! On June 4th he lost his house in a fire that was caused by a faulty power strip in his garage. Thankfully no one was hurt and Trace vows to keep with the release date of his new album, Proud to Be Here in August. He headlined Wednesday night’s line-up of Country USA in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The album marks a first for Adkins. He teamed up with Casey Beathard and Kenny Beard to produce I Wanna Feel Something. As he took the stage he stated, “Sometimes you just need to Woop a Man’s Ass” causing most to jump to their feet and sing along. Following another day of rain and coping with muddy conditions, Adkins’ set was mostly comprised of lighthearted tunes including Chrome, Swing, Hillbilly Bone, and latest single Just Fishin’.

Unfortunately there was a fatality after the show as a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross the northbound lane of Highway 41. Country USA established a $5 ‘safety band’ (most fans have called it a cash grab). It’s uncertain what the exact purpose of the band served. Yes, it was partially reflective but the constant rain meant the reflective band was typically worn beneath a long sleeved shirt or jacket. Most attendees walk due to overpriced parking, which can be alleviated by working the parking cost into the price of a ticket. It is frustrating to purchase a ticket and then get hammered by additional daily fees. Some are going to walk regardless because they prefer to avoid the crush of traffic trying to leave the parking lot. With the introduction of Rock USA this year (i.e., more festival dollars), perhaps an effort should be made to create pedestrian walkways along the access roads.

Trace Adkins Photo Gallery:

Sawyer Brown Setlist:
1. Six Days on the Road
2. The Boys and Me
3. The Race is On
4. This Time
5. Cafe on the Corner
6. The Walk
7. Wantin’ and Havin’ It All
8. Mission Temple Fireworks Stand
9. All These Years
10. Step That Step
11. Betty’s Being Bad
12. Smokin’ Hot Wife
13. Dixieland Delight (Alabama cover)
14. The Dirt Road
15. Life’s Been Good (Joe Walsh cover)
16. Keep on Rocking Me Baby (Steve Miller Band cover)
17. Drive Me Wild
18. Thank God For You
19. Some Girls Do

Trace Adkins Setlist:
1. Whoop a Man’s Ass
2. Hillbilly Bone
3. Swing
4. Marry for Money
5. Chrome
6. Ladies Love Country Boys
7. You’re Gonna Miss This
8. This Ain’t No Love Song
9. Hot Momma
10. Just Fishin’
11. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

Head over to Concert Capture for in depth concert reviews and more photos.

Company of Thieves on Home Turf

Company of Thieves
Ravinia – Highland Park, IL

Company of Thieves is:

Genevieve – vocals
Marc Walloch – guitar
Chris Faller – drums
Eitan Bernstein- keys
Marcin Sulewski – bass

Company of Thieves opened for Hall & Oates last night at Ravinia.  It was Daryl Hall that asked them to open for their stop in Illinois.  This really wasn’t a surprise because Genevieve and Marc were invited over to perform with Daryl back in 2008 for Live at Daryl’s House, which will now be broadcast via WGN TV in the fall on Saturday nights.  Daryl loved the Chicago-based group’s label debut, Ordinary Riches.  The album hit #19 on the iTunes Top Album chart in just two days of digital sales, and their newest album, Running from a Gamble is now available off Wind-Up Records.

They took the stage at 7pm sharp.  They were met with Hall & Oates fans that arrived early and die-hard Company of Thieves fans in the pavilion.  Genevieve came out onstage with something only she could pull off; red spandex pants and a lace top.  I am pretty sure she had the older generation of men sitting in the first 10 rows drooling.

I first saw Company of Thieves back in 2009 at The Belly Up Tavern in San Diego. It was their first out-of-state show and was completely sold-out.  It was a fantastic show, but my oh my has the band come into their own since.  Genevieve has evolved the most.  Her appearance has taken more of an edge and she has bundles more of energy onstage.  She was completely entertaining which was needed.  The band played their heart content, but it was a little loud compared to the vocals. Genevieve’s voice could barley be heard at times. It is no knock to the band, but for the sound engineer who didn’t turn up the gain in her vocal track.

The set was filled with mostly new songs from Running for a Gamble, but included favorites “Oscar Wilde.”  The band also invited a horn section to accompany them for “Talula.”  Adding the horn section sparked such a reaction from the members of the crowd that at times were motionless.  I even heard a, “Wow! That was a good one!”  Mind you, this was coming from a man in his late 50’s early 60’s.  Also in the set was their newest single “Death of Communication” and “Gorgeous Grotesque” that Genevieve says, “…is a song about our environment.”

The set – Missing first 2 songs

Nothing in the Flowers
Death of Communication
Gorgeous Grotesque
Oscar Wilde
Won’t Go Quiet

Company of Thieves has a few shows for the rest of the year. They are definitely a must-see act!

06/30/2011 Miller Stage – Milwaukee, WI
08/09/2011 Grog Shop – Cleveland Heights, OH
08/10/2011  MXTP – Grand Rapids, MI
08/12/2011 ES Jungle – Indianapolis, IN
08/13/2011  The Lifestyle Communities Pavilion – Columbus, OH
08/19/2011  Livestrong Sporting Park – Kansas City, MO
08/08/2011   Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO
08/21/2011   Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO
08/24/2011   Belly Up Tavern – Solana Beach, CA
08/25/2011   The Troubador – West Hollywood, CA

Hall & Oates Sell Out Ravinia

Hall & Oates
Ravinia – Chicago, IL

Hall and Oates Ravinia 5

I was first introduced to Hall & Oates via 8 Track, I know that sounds like it may be dating me but I’m a fairly young Hall & Oates fan. When I would visit my grandma I used to go through all my aunts old records and 8 Tracks because I thought they were so cool. One of the songs I would listen to over and over was “Maneater” so when H&O opened their show playing it I was brought back to my 8 Track listening days. Their show was fantastic! Filled with all my favorite songs and songs I had forgotten about. Their bandmates were super energetic and really got the crowd going.

Hall & Oates have been making great music for 4 decades but not many fans know about Daryl’s internet show “Live From Daryl’s House“. The show is literally that, Daryl invites friends over to play music and it’s all on the internet. Daryl announced the show will soon have a new home on Chicago’s WGN network. So if you haven’t had a chance to catch his show online you will be able to catch it the ol’ fashion way – on the tube.

Oates has also been busy on his own side project Mississippi Mile. Named after the Mississippi Delta to recognize the birthplace of American Pop music. Oates says this is where Rock & Roll really started before making its way to Chicago, Detroit or his hometown of Philadelphia. Mississippi Mile is a collection of cover tunes from the likes of Elvis Presley to Chuck Berry and even covering his own Hall & Oates songs.

Hall & Oates Set List
Method of Modern Love
Out of Touch
Say It Isn’t So
It’s A Laugh
Las Vegas Turnaround
She’s Gone
Forever For You
Do What You Want Be What You Are
I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)

Encore: Rich Girl & You Make My Dreams

2nd Encore: Kiss On My List & Private Eyes

Click on thumbnails to enlarge:

Yellow Ostrich at the DO312 Birthday Bash!

yellow ostrich Schubas Chicago do312 15

Do312 had their 1st Birthday Bash at Schubas on Thursday night. For those who don’t know Do312.com is part of the DO franchise sites.  They are found in major cities around the country and advise on hip and happening events and parties around the town.   It just so happens that Do312 in Chicago just turned 1 year old on Thursday.

The celebration started at the bar at Scubas and managed to make its way into the venue portion of Schubas. Party goers had 312 Ale in hands since the party was sponsored by the Urban Wheat Ale Company.  Yellow Ostrich kicked off the musical festivities followed by Peter Wolf Crier.

The Yellow Ostrich was formed up in Wisconsin in a dorm room.  It took relocating to New York for Alex Schaaf to recruit Michael Tapper from We are Scientists to play drums.  Since 2009 Yellow Ostrich released six albums and EPs. Their debut LP, The Mistress, was released back in October via Afternoon Records.  They were also one of the top must-see bands at SXSW this year and are hitting the stage at Austin City Limits this year in Texas.

Their set included some oldies and newbies.  Alex mentioned several times that they were going to play some new songs. He almost seemed frightened.  It came as a surprise that the crowd was digging the new jams. One jam in particular aka “New Jam” was just written last week.  It was “Whales” that took the cake as the crowd’s favorite.  It quite a catchy tune if you haven’t heard it before. The video is below.

The night didn’t go without a hitch.  Alex’s guitar rig had a few problems. There were a few minutes there when Michael and Jon built up the suspense while Alex quickly tried to fix the situation stat.  Alex mentioned, “It’s not a Yellow Ostrich show until something goes wrong!”


Elephant King
Hafe Me Soon
Weal Suits
New Jam
Stay at Home

Click on thumbnails to enlarge images:


Bar Review: Diablo’s Cantina in Sin City

Diablos Cantina Las Vegas

Jessica & I checked out Diablo’s years ago and shame on me for never telling you guys about it! My cousin Maria had originally told me about Diablo’s Cantina and thought this was the place for me and my hubby to hang. Boy was she right! So while in Vegas for my sister’s wedding myself, the hubby and my cousin decided to stop in.

Décor: This Mexican restaurant has open-air dining, a DJ Booth with flat screen TV’s, full bar and specialty frozen margarita bar. That is just the first floor! The second floor has a full bar, outdoor dining, more TV’s and a built in stage! Other than all the funny signs you will find hanging around the one thing I have to have to mention is the Wheel O’ Sin. The Wheel gets spun every 30 minutes for Happy Hour deals on beers, margaritas & shots!

Crowd: Hmmmmm it’s Vegas! You get all sorts of peeps hanging out here.

Service: Bartenders, servers and hostesses have always been nice.

Liquid Courage On Tap: Nevermind what’s on Tap and order yourself a Margarita! I normally like mine on the rocks because whenever I get a frozen one it’s too much like a slushy. Not here my friends! Diablo’s mixes them just right. Not too much slush and not too liquidy.

Eats: I haven’t had a bad dish here yet! Love the fish tacos. Could snack on their guac and chips all day long! What you need to know….. They have this contest called “Diablo’s Death Wing Challenge” where you have to eat 20 death wings in 20 minutes. While we were there someone did take up the challenge, we didn’t get to stick around to see how well he did but I’m gonna guess he didn’t make it! It took him forever to get through his first wing. But if you are brave enough to eat through the hurt you will be forever immortalized on their wall of fame….if you lose you will get royally shamed. Now I wish I had stuck around. They also have this Ultimate 4 Pound Burrito for $40. If you eat the whole thing you get a free Diablo’s T-Shirt. That’s a whole lotta burrito!

Sounds: Music overhead, people socializing, cheers for the Wheel O’ Sin, cars zooming on the strip.

Parking: It’s near the Monte Carlo. Choose a casino, park, and get your butt there!

Overall: I really can’t say enough about this joint. If you are ever in Vegas you HAVE to stop in! It’s so much fun, it’s on the strip, it’s too good to pass up!

Why Do People Use Such Words?!

All That Remains is a metal band. Ok they are more like metal road dogs.  I can’t remember when I haven’t seen them as a support or headlining their own tour.  As a matter of fact, they are playing the Warped Tour festival this year. Yet, it was only 2 years ago when I sat down for a quick interview with their bass player, Jeanne Sagan.  At that time they were playing on the Jaeger Stage on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival.    I asked her for a fun fact about the band. She replied, “ Ummm…we are a bunch of nerds! Jason plays World of Warcraft. Mike really likes sports and Phil likes Halo and he’s the internet guy–the Twitter and Facebook. He’s very nerdy like that. I read books and I like science a lot. You don’t have to be really cool.”

So let me introduce you to Philip Labonte.  As Jeanne stated he is “the internet guy.” He is a very outspoken frontman that doesn’t hold back when it comes to his Twitter and Facebook pages.  I’ve been following Phil on his Facebook page for awhile now.  I would call him the Most Entertaining Person on Facebook because he really states things as they are.  He warns people that if you hang around long enough on his page he will offend you.  Actually, his About Me section on Facebook states, “I yell at a stick, I shoot guns, and if you’re around long enough, I say shit that pisses you off.” I like Phil because he’s a great frontman, he advocates for the right to bare arms, but I am not a fan of some of his offensive language.  Mind you, here at The Dead Hub we don’t like to censor our language either so language such as shit, bitches, and fucks do appear in articles. Yet,there are a couple phrases that people use in everyday language that really really bother me and it’s the word faggot.

Soulja Boy just got in a mess with fighting a racist fan with some of the same hateful language.  You don’t fight hate Add an Imagewith hate.  Phil recently posted on Facebook : “If anyone thinks me being a lil open and emotional on FB is bad, your a total faggot. If I didn’t have very deep feelings that I am comfortable being honest about ATR wouldnt be a band.” Again, I really don’t have a problem with the message he is trying to convey, but really did you have to use the language that makes you sound like a bigot? He used it repeatedly today too. His Twitter feed and Facebook status are below.





Dearest Phil,

I love you and ATR.  I really don’t think you’ll give a flying shit about this, but can you please try to find other words to convey how you are feeling.  I love the fact that you try to get your followers active and inform them about their rights when it comes to the NRA, but every time you use the “f” word I cringe! You posted this on Facebook:

How can you use the “f” word over and over and support gays and gays in the military? You write songs come up with something more creative!

Your Fan,


The Band Perry at Country USA

The Band Perry
Country USA – Oshkosh, WI

All photos by Dan DeSlover

Country USA opened with Eric Church and Miranda Lambert and the second day was met with the CMT award winning The Band Perry. The Band Perry sounds like what it is.  It is a band full of Perrys.  There is nothing like keeping it in the family!  The band consists of siblings Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry, Neil Perry. My favorite quote comes from Kimberly, “Daddy rocked us to sleep with the Rolling Stones; Mama woke us up with Loretta Lynn. So we get it honest.” The group is a solid American Country band that knows how to rock.

“You Lie” Video:

Keep your eyes out on this family as they rise to the top!

Click on thumbnails to enlarge images:

The Band Perry on Tour:

DTE Energy Music Theatre (w/ Tim McGraw).
Darien Lake PAC (w/ Tim McGraw).
John Labatt Center (w/ Tim McGraw).
Copps Coliseum (w/ Tim McGraw).
Kansas City, MO
Hillsboro, OH
Rogersville 4th Of July Celebration Festival.
Louisville, KY
Time Warner Cable Pavilion (w/ Tim McGraw).
Virginia Beach Amphitheatre (w/ Tim McGraw).
Bethel Woods Pavilion (w/ Tim McGraw).
Saint Clairsville, OH
Jamboree In The Hills
First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre (w/ Tim McGraw).
Verizon Wireless Music Center (w/ Tim McGraw).
Bardstown, KY
J. Dan Talbott Amphitheatre
Susquehanna Bank Center (w/ Tim McGraw).
Mohegan Sun (w/ Tim McGraw).
Comcast Center (w/ Tim McGraw).
Elkhart County Fair.
Delaware State Fair (w/ Josh Turner).
PNC Bank Arts Center (w/ Tim McGraw).
First Niagara Pavilion (w/ Tim McGraw).
Riverbend Music Center (w/ Tim McGraw).
Clare County Fair
Hard Rock Casino Presents The Pavilion (w/ Tim McGraw).
Comfort Dental Amphitheatre (w/ Tim McGraw).
USANA Amphitheatre (w/ Tim McGraw).
Verizon Wireless Amphitheare (w/ Tim McGraw).
Blossom Music Center (w/ Tim McGraw).
Jiffy Lube Live (w/ Tim McGraw).
Hershey Stadium (w/ Tim McGraw).
Fairlea, WV
Des Moines, IA
Fairmount, MN
Aberdeen, SD
Imperial, NE
Saint Joseph, MO
Mitchell, SD
Grand Island, NE
Pueblo, CO
Monroe, WA
Walla Walla, WA

2011 Country USA Opens with Thunder!

Miranda Lambert country usa

The five-day Country USA festival kicked off in Oshkosh, WI on Tuesday, the first day of Summer. The conditions were typical of an outdoor summer festival–hot and very humid following an afternoon of storms with enough mud to cover everybody in attendance. Fortunately, the forecast for showers held off until midway into Miranda Lambert’s headlining set, and just in time to sober up the crowd for the drive home (for those who opted out of on-site camping).

Eric Church took the stage at 8:10 pm and brought some heat to warm up the somewhat chilly 66 degree summer night. His band entered as Saliva’s Ladies and Gentlemen blared from the amps and then posed in metal formation–perched upon the amps while shredding rock riffs–as Eric took the stage. He appeared energetic and toasted the crowd with a beer as they opened with Before She Does.

Photos from Eric Church’s set: (Click to enlarge images)

Eric promised to give the show “everything I’ve got” despite the weather.  A pretty big commitment considering the massive storms that had been vigorously moving throughout the state today.  Eric claimed Wisconsin was truly one of his favorite places to play. He continued to reiterate this by giving the blatant “Wisconsin”  “Oshkosh” and “Packers” shout-outs within almost every song of the night. He played radio favorites, Sinners Like Me, Love Your Love the Most, and Guys Like Me. The band took creative liberties during songs by incorporating many well known classic rock riffs that kept the crowd moving, while emphasizing Eric’s hyperactive stage presence and before the night was out Eric had showered himself with two tallboys. They also treated the crowd with Homeboy from their forthcoming release, Chief. They capped off their set with Smoke a Little Smoke and the band finished by playing the opening of Black Sabbath’s Sweet Leaf as he exited; bringing the evening of country and rock full circle.

In an effort to give the fans as much of the show as possible, Miranda took stage a bit earlier than scheduled due to the encroaching thunderstorms.  Equipped with her guitar she opened with Only Prettier and moved quickly through Kerosene and Famous in a Small Town.  Lambert’s sound was crisp and true to her country roots.  Though Miranda did play through the torrential rain that started five songs into her set, she had to cut her performance short by about 30 minutes when lightning became an issue.  However, she did give a sassy rendition of Gunpowder & Lead before having to leave the stage.

Photos from Miranda Lambert’s Set: (click on images to enlarge)

Lambert’s most recent album, Revolution, has been receiving the highest praises throughout the industry and won the 2010 CMA Album of the Year.  As her personal life and career continue to soar she just keeps adding fuel to the fire.  She’s currently working on two albums:  her next solo studio album and an album with her new girl-group, the Pistol Annies.



Eric Church:
1.  Before She Does
2.  How ‘Bout You
3.  Hell on the Heart
4.  Carolina
5.  Ain’t Killed Me Yet
6.  Sinners Like Me
7.  Guys Like Me
8.  Pledge Allegiance to the Hag
9.  These Boots
10. Love Your Love the Most
11. Lotta of Boot Left to Fill
12. Homeboy
13. Smoke a Little Smoke

Miranda Lambert Setlist (only partial):
1. Only Prettier
2. Kerosene
3. Famous in a Small Town / Small Town Saturday Night (Hal Ketchum cover)
4. Dead Flowers

(last). Gunpowder & Lead

Head over to Concert Capture and Sonic Rampage for in depth concert reviews and more photos.

Eric Church Discography

Miranda Lambert Discography

Dear Summerfest, It’s Not Very Nice to Suppress Photographers

Summerfest is one of the biggest music festivals in the United States. It sits on Milwaukee’s lakefront and draws millions each summer with the biggest names in pop and rock music. Unfortunately for them we won’t be covering the actual festival this year or any year until they change a few things.

For those who don’t know how media establishments, like The Dead Hub, receive passes to these festivals and shows I’ll explain. For a festival I’ll contact the Head of Marketing for the event, or in most cases it’s a high profile PR firm that will handle all incoming media credential requests. There are times where they make you fill out an application with your basic information and the media outlet you write or shoot for. You’ll wait to receive a response and if you are given approval you’ll have media and photo passes either mailed to you or waiting for you at will call.

Now here’s the kicker, most festivals, once approved, will let you photograph all the artists on the festivals bill and stages. There may be an artist here or there with restrictions, but you know walking into the festival you don’t have to receive individual clearance from each artist, because that would be time consuming and frustrating since most times you receive your approval day of show (not cool).

This is where Summerfest has dropped the ball. Once approved by Summerfest you only have permission to shoot the grounds of Summerfest and NOT A SINGLE ACT ON THE GROUNDS.This means you can photograph as many drunk people and squirrels as you wish. Crazy right? So as a media outlet we need to email every band that we want to cover and ask for permission, and again, 98% of the time this is the festival’s job not the media outlet. This is STRIKE 1 for Summerfest. The biggest strike they have going for them is their “Rights Grabber” photo contract.This means that the photographers I send out to shoot the bands-that we emailed to get permission from- don’t own any of the rights to the photos because according to their contract Summerfest does. Typically it’ll be an artists demanding rights to the photos to use not a festival or venue.

So how did this come about? Summerfest emailed one of my photographers explaining that ONE photographer abused their previous contracts so that’s why they implemented their new Photo Release contract. (You can read that here) So as a media outlet I have to email each artist to gain permission to shoot their set and neither myself – the media outlet – nor my photographer owns any of the rights. This means neither my photographer nor myself can bring in revenue from the coverage of the festival. By the way, Summerfest isn’t paying us either. The festival never pays the media, but if they want all the rights to our photos they need to ante up or change their contract. We are looking for them to change their contract.

This is feeling strangely familiar to the Soulja Boy story we broke over a week ago. Soulja Boy was combating racist fans with bigotry and racist. You don’t fight hate with hate and you don’t abuse a group of people because one abused your contract. In both situations there could have been a better approach to a solution and it looks like both made the wrong choices.

So this looks to be a fun year at Summerfest. It’s just a shame The Dead Hub and other photographers and media outlets are boycotting the festival this year and future years until they change their contract. Help spread the word!

Farbrew’s Beer Pick: Session Premium Lager

Session Premium Lager
Full Sail Brewing Co.

Session Premium is a lager type beer that was given to me by my boss from a really great beer/wine grocery type place called Wally’s. If you live in the LA area, its definitely worth checking out if you are looking for any types of wine or beer. This beer is bottled in an 11oz bottle similar to Red Stripe. It has a very flavorful and not so dry taste which makes it an easy and refreshing type of beer. It’s is one of two types of its kind, the other being Session Black Lager, which I look forward to trying soon. Session Premium Lager won the World Beer Awards in 2007. Definitely a beer I would drink again….and again…….and again!

Full Sail Brewing Co. is out of Hood River, Oregon.

Catch More Beer Ramblings from Farbrew over at: http://farbrew.com.



Annual Summer Tour to Feature Platinum Artist Theory of a Deadman,
Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Adelitas Way and newcomer Emphatic

The highly anticipated Carnival of Madness Tour has added more dates to the 15 previously announced.   Joining the Carnival this summer will be Theory of a Deadman, Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Adelitas Way and Emphatic.
Sponsored by Monster Energy Drink, the trek will steamroll through North America starting August 13 in Twin Lakes, WI.  See below for the complete list of shows.
VIP ticket pre-sales for these new dates are now available for fans belonging to Theory of a Deadman’s Deadfan Club, and on the Carnival of Madness mailing list at www.carnivalofmadness.com.   VIP bundles that include a meet and greet with Theory of a Deadman, fan club membership, exclusive merchandise, and tickets will be available for purchase at http://www.ticketmaster.com/Theory-of-a-Deadman-tickets/artist/841413?tm_link=edp_Artist_Name.
The public on-sale for the first new shows was Friday, June 10.  All of the ticket on-sale info can be found at www.carnivalofmadness.com.  The “Carnival” ticket price acknowledges the current state of the economy offering an “affordable” ticket that will be in the $25 – $35 range.
The Carnival of Madness Tour made its inaugural launch in 2010 with Shinedown, Sevendust, Chevelle, Puddle Of Mudd and 10 Years, which proved to be one of the biggest Rock shows of the summer as a Top 50 tour.
For up-to-the minute news and information, please visit www.carnivalofmadness.com.

CITY                           VENUE
Saturday, August 13               Twin Lakes, WI           Shadow Hill Ranch
* Sunday, August 14               Chillicothe, IL              Three Sisters Park
* Tuesday, August 16             Royal Oak, MI                        Royal Oak Music Theatre
* Wednesday, August 17        Indianapolis, IN           The Lawn at White River State Park
Friday, August 19                    Council Bluffs, IA        Harrah’s Casino
** Saturday, August 20           Sedalia, MO                Missouri State Fairgrounds
* Tuesday, August 23             Fargo, ND                   The Hub (outdoors)
* Wednesday, August 24        Sioux Falls, SD           Sioux Falls Arena
Friday, August 26                    Louisville, KY              KY State Fair/Cardinal Stadium
Saturday, August 27               Waterloo, IA                McElroy Auditorium (outdoors)
Sunday, August 28                 St. Paul, MN               Minnesota State Fair
* Wednesday, August 31        Albany, NY                  Times Union Center
Thursday, September 1          Allentown, PA             The Great Allentown Fair
Saturday, September 3          Hampton Beach, NH  Hampton Beach Casino
* Sunday, September 4          Bangor, ME                 Bangor Waterfront
* Monday, September 5         Fitchburg, MA             Central Mass Expo Center
Wednesday, September 7      Baltimore, MD             Pier Six Concert Pavilion
* Friday, September 9                        Big Flats, NY               Tag’s Summer Stage
Saturday, September 10        Atlantic City, NJ          House of Blues
Sunday, September 11           Huntington, WV           Harris Riverfront Park
Tuesday, September 13         Charlotte, NC              Time Warner Cable Uptown Amp.
Wednesday, September 14    Fayetteville, NC          Crown Coliseum
Friday, September 16             Tulsa, OK                    Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino
Saturday, September 17        Poplar Bluff, MS         Black River Coliseum
* Sunday, September 18        Dayton, OH                 Montgomery County Fairgrounds
* Newly added date.
** Black Stone Cherry will not be at this show.

Video: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr Announces the 2011 POPPED! Music Festival Line-up<--Funny!

Friday: Gates @ 2 pm

Saturday: Gates @ 11 am






2011 Pitchfork Music Festival Announces Schedule!


The 2011 Pitchfork Music Festival, which takes place on Friday, July 15th through Sunday, July 17th at Chicago’s Union Park, is pleased to announce this year’s schedule. Plan accordingly; there are so many must-see acts this year that sitting beneath a shady tree all day is simply not an option. Also, if you still have not purchased tickets, single-day passes are going quickly! While the initial batch of Sunday tickets sold out, we’ve released a final batch for sale, to make sure you don’t miss TV on the Radio, Deerhunter, OFWGKTA, Cut Copy and 14 other artists. So get your tickets today! Tickets for all three days can be purchased here: http://www.pitchforkmusicfestival.com
FRIDAY, JULY 15 – gates at 3pm

8:30 (GREEN) Animal Collective
7:30 (BLUE) James Blake
7:20 (RED) Neko Case
6:30 (BLUE) Das Racist
6:25 (GREEN) Guided By Voices
5:30 (BLUE) Curren$y
5:30 (RED) Thurston Moore
4:35 (GREEN) Battles
4:30 (BLUE) tUnE-yArDs
3:30 (RED) EMA
3:20 (BLUE) Gatekeeper

SATURDAY, JULY 16 – gates at 12pm

8:30 (GREEN) Fleet Foxes
7:40 (BLUE) Zola Jesus
7:25 (RED) DJ Shadow
6:45 (BLUE) Twin Shadow
6:15 (GREEN) The Dismemberment Plan
5:45 (BLUE) The Radio Dept.
5:15 (RED) Destroyer
4:45 (BLUE) OFF!
4:15 (GREEN) No Age
3:45 (BLUE) Wild Nothing
3:20 (RED) Gang Gang Dance
2:50 (BLUE) G-Side
2:30 (GREEN) Cold Cave
1:55 (BLUE) Sun Airway
1:45 (RED) Woods
1:00 (BLUE) Chrissy Murderbot Feat MC ZULU
1:00 (GREEN) Julianna Barwick
SUNDAY, JULY 17 – gates at 12pm

8:30 (GREEN) TV on the Radio
7:25 (RED) Cut Copy
6:45 (BLUE) Toro Y Moi
6:15 (GREEN) Deerhunter
5:45 (BLUE) Kylesa
5:15 (RED) Superchunk
4:45 (BLUE) Baths
4:15 (GREEN) Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
3:45 (BLUE) Shabazz Palaces
2:50 (BLUE) Twin Sister
2:30 (GREEN) Kurt Vile & the Violators
1:55 (BLUE) How to Dress Well
1:45 (RED) Yuck
1:00 (BLUE) Darkstar
1:00 (GREEN) The Fresh & Onlys

An independently run, consistently sold-out event, the Pitchfork Music Festival attracts 50,000 fans of all ages from 45 states and 26 countries. In addition to presenting an outstanding musical line-up at a reasonable price, the festival also offers a vast array of other activities for attendees to enjoy. With 50 individual vendors, as well as specialty fairs, the fest not only supports local businesses and the local economy, but also promotes the Chicago arts community as a whole.
Pitchfork is the essential guide to independent music and beyond.  With more than three million unique readers and 30 million page views per month, the site has earned an extremely loyal following and a reputation as being the world’s most trusted music publication.

Rooftop evening with Jose Gonzalez

New York summers are known for rooftop parties that overlook the vast landscape of cramped buildings.  For 15 years, the “Underground Movies Outdoors” have been bringing choice indie flicks to the people of Gotham.  On this Sunday evening, one Jose Gonzalez meshed his music with film, and the event, not surprisingly, was sold out.  After playing with his band Junip at Prospect Park on Friday night for the Celebrate Brooklyn series, Jose turned his attention to a recent documentary made about him, “The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of Jose Gonzalez”.  The al fresco screening began with a 30-minute set, which included an encore of “Teardrop”.  Jose wasn’t sure if he was allowed to encore, but there was no doubt that it would be allowed.

The film was like no other roc-doc I’d seen as it included animation for deep conversations about his song writing process.  What we learned is Jose is a nerd.  He admitted it.  He was shy of completing a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Gothenburg as his popularity as a musician took off.  Jose talked a lot about protons, DNA and nuclei. One can see a link between his analytical thought processes to his meticulously slow productivity on his last album “In Our Nature”.  Boy likes to take his time and that’s alright when you produce fine compositions.  What I loved the most about the film were the mundane moments captured on tour from awkward interviews to backstage conversations.

At the conclusion of the film, Jose and one of the directors, Mikel Cee Karlsson were on had for a Q&A.  One question posed tackled the accuracy of the portrayal, which Jose answered was a side of him, the slow songwriter side.  It was interesting to see the subject of the film answer for the celluloid.  What you see on screen isn’t very different in person. Jose is reserved but not completely closed.  I almost think his trite answers are more an edit of all the thoughts he has in his head.

All in all the rooftop evening was a unique event where music and film collided in the best way.

Tidy Metal-lite Offering – More Slick Less Spontaneous

Adelitis Way
Home School Valedictorian
Virgin Records

Adelitis Way is poised to take metal-lite to a place it rarely goes; mainstream radio. Their release “Home School Valedictorian” is a tidy and slick release of eleven metal-pop songs that crackle with an incongruous mix of rock and roll rebellion and corporate satisfaction. This is a very safe release for any record company.

Adelitis Way will make Virgin’s shareholders as giddy as the teen-age girls who will surely buy the posters and wallpaper their bedrooms. They are pretty enough to have their own TV show – while being solid enough musicians to cut a record that is equal parts quality and commercial.

Rick DeJesus broods aggressively whether in front of the microphone or the camera. He delivers exactly what is expected of him. He brings powerhouse vocals which he doles out generously – but with some reservation. He knows there are more albums in store and he wants to save some pyrotechnics for later.

Trevor Stafford might the most versatile young drummer on record in a long time. His ability to direct and alter the rhythm section is one of the elements that keeps the quartet’s metal vibe front and center. Stafford knows his way around a kit and is not afraid to use every bit of hardware he has.

True to their radio-friendly-metal-lite sound, Derek Johnston’s bass playing gets no love at all. There are moments when his work comes through, but he is mostly non-existent on this disc. I don’t blame Johnston, this is the way of the walk for a lot of modern music. Bass players typically are underserved. Without them – there is precious little going on under the guitar attack of a modern rock band – but they rarely get mixed well enough to give them the respect they deserve.

Robert Zakaryan – might be the guitar player’s name on “Home School Valedictorian.” (The website says one thing- the FaceBook page says something else.) Whoever is playing the guitar is doing a fine job. There is nothing here that promises greatness – but he surely has all of the right rock and roll licks and fills and crunch. His work – like DeJesus voice – clearly defines Adelitis Way for better or for worse.

(According to their web site Adelitis Way became a quintet by adding guitarist Keith Wallen after recording the record. This review doesn’t reflect Wallen or any contribution he may have to the band down the road.)

Stand Out Tracks
Good Enough
I Wanna Be

Robert Plant Brings Joy to Ravinia

Robert Plant & The Band of Joy
Ravinia – Highland Park, IL

Robert Plant was back at Ravinia last night. He said he couldn’t believe he was back there, but couldn’t remember the reason why he didn’t want to come back. He proceeded to laugh it off and made several comments throughout the show about losing your memory as you get older.  Just as a note, Robert is going to be 63 years young this year.  He’s out on painting towns red with the new lineup of Band of Joy.  They released their self-titled album last year that took the number 8 spot of Rolling Stone’s list of best albums for 2010.  The new Band of Joy is composed of Robert, Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller, Darrell Scott, Bryon House, and Marco Giovino.

The night was unexpectedly filled with Zeppelin favorites like “Black Dog,” “Black Country Woman,“ and “Ramble On” to name a few. For all those who asked me how last night’s performance was I just say, “He’s still the same Robert Plant!”  He still has the voice, the quirks, and the ability to put the audience in a trance, roughly all 18,000 of us.  I am going to go out on a limb here, even though I wasn’t around to see Zeppelin live, but the fans haven’t changed much either; they’ve just grown up.  There was still lots of dancing and that very unique smell that Zeppelin fans have grown to love, weed.

One of the highlights of the night was “Black Country Woman.”  The crowd could tell he was feeling that song as he belted it out.  It wasn’t cold outside in Highland Park, but we still had chills running down our spines. Then there was a Zeppelin favorite that sent the crowd over the edge and into the aisles at Ravinia. It was good old “What is and What Should Never Be.”

The Band of Joy is really a talented group of players. I felt as if I was sitting in on a jam or practice session with them.  The nods, the signals, and the cues were there so everyone could hit their mark. The only thing that made me, and a handful of us, scratch our heads was Patty Griffin’s constant “grinding” motion onstage.  Of course that night was a night of repetition and constants but not just from the band. There was also a member of the audience that insisted on yelling “Thank You” after every solo and song. It was cute and funny at first, but by the end of the night the rows of people ahead of him really wanted to smack him.

Don’t go in expecting Zeppelin because even the Zeppelin songs were re-arranged with more of an experimental rock feel.  You can go into the show expecting the same Robert Plant that can send chills down your spine by hitting his mark. This is a show to not miss!

Songs from the set (note: not complete)

Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down

Black Country Woman

House of Cards

Down By The Sea

What is and What Should Never Be

In the Mood

Going to California


Harm’s Swift Way

Rock N Roll

Band of Joy on Tour:

19th – Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Colorado (TBA)

21st – Winnipeg, MB, Centennial Concert Hall

23rd – Ottawa, ON, Confederation Park

24th – Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Montreal Jazz Festival

25th – Atlantic City, NJ, Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa / Event Ctr.


July 19 – ITALY, Rome – Rock in Roma – Ippodromo Delle Capannelle
(co bill with Ben Harper)

July 20 – ITALY, Milan – Arena Civica (co bill with Ben Harper)

July 22 – FRANCE, Nimes – Festival De Nimes, Les Roman Arenes
(co bill with Ben Harper)
Tickets: www.ticketsud.com


July 27 – RUSSIA, St Petersburg – New Arena
Tickets: www.kassir.ru

July 29 – RUSSIA, Moscow – Crocus Hall
Tickets: www.kassir.ru/msk

July 31 – Ukraine, KIEV – National Palace Ukraine.
Venue link: www.palace-ukraina.kiev.ua/new/index.html
Tickets: www.parter.ua

Aug 2 – POLAND, Warsaw – Torwar
Ticket link: www.livenation.pl

Aug 3 – GERMANY, Berlin – Zitadelle
Tickets: www.eventim.de

Aug 5 – BELGIUM, Lokeren – Lockersee Festival
Tickets: www.lokersefeesten.be

Aug 7 – Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Herefordshire – Big Chill Festival


Maroon 5 at Ravinia

Maroon 5 Plays Ravinia 6/30

Maroon 5 is busy.  Adam is currently on the hit summer series “The Voice” with Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and country singer Blake Shelton.  Adam also teamed up with Gym Class Heroes to record “Stereo Hearts” which is off Gym Class Hero’s The Papercut Chronicles out this fall. Adam’s busy schedule hasn’t stopped the band from kicking up their heels and hitting the road.

The band is out again spreading the pop gospel of their latest release, Hands All Over.  They have two nights playing the Ravinia Pavilion and both nights are sold out!  The rest of their US summer tour will include Train as openers, but that isn’t until July 22nd.  PJ Morton will be opening for both Ravinia shows as well as their show up at Summerfest in Milwaukee.



Maroon 5
Openers: PJ Morton
When: 8 p.m. Thursday, June 30/Gates open at 5 p.m.
Where: Ravinia Pavillion
Tickets: $27 Lawn; $70 Reserved – Sold Out!
Phone: 847-266-5100

Other artists playing Ravinia this summer include, but not limited to:

7/16 & 7/17 Jennifer Hudson
7/22 Five For Fighting
8/10 Los Lobos
8/14 Rufus Wainwright
8/20 Lifehouse
8/27 Chicago
9/1 Lynryd Skynyrd
9/2 Doobie Brothers
9/3 Guster & Jack’s Mannequin
9/4 Carrie Underwood

For more info on Ravinia and their schedule go to Ravinia.org.


BMI Presents & Sponsors Festival Stages at Lollapalooza & Austin City Limits Music Festival



19 must-see, hear-it-first performers, including The Pretty Reckless, Christina Perri, and Skylar Grey, to converge in Chicago for a memorable three-day lineup of performances

The BMI/Lollapalooza stage, a superstar forecaster, has been a launching pad for performers such as Neon Trees, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, and Semi Precious Weapons

NEW YORK, June 15, 2011 – Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), the U.S. performing right organization that represents over 475,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers, is proud to present the performers on its 2011 Lollapalooza stage. Running August 5, 6, & 7 at Grant Park’s Hutchinson Field in Chicago, IL, BMI’s stage will kick off performances at 12:00 p.m. each day, setting the pace at the mammoth music festival.

Festival-goers seeking an eclectic lineup and a bucolic respite from the Chicago heat flock to the BMI Lollapalooza stage, known for emitting disco-dunked sounds, acoustic balladry, and pop-rock rhapsodies from a slew of singer/songwriting acts. Performers on this year’s BMI stage range from the swaggering attitude of The Pretty Reckless to the Aussie exports Boy & Bear; the genre-jumping of The Chain Gang of 1974; and the expressiveness of siren Christina Perri. The lineup will provide a blend of sounds, reflecting Lollapalooza’s wide-ranging approach in offering attendees performances that are unique and remarkable.

Find the schedule for the BMI-sponsored Lollapalooza stage after the jump: [Read more…]




Performers of all music genres encouraged to apply through Facebook for the multi-city showcase

NEW YORK, June 15, 2011 – U.S. performing right organization Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) is currently accepting submissions through July 4 for “Know Them Now,” a multi-city showcase to be held in Atlanta, July 21; Los Angeles, July 21; and New York City, July 28. Aspiring BMI-affiliated unsigned artists from all genres of music are encouraged to apply for the opportunity to perform at one of these star-spotting showcases. One talented performer will be selected to win the Grand Prize: airfare (provided by Southwest Airlines), lodging accommodations and tickets to the BMI Awards in Los Angeles. The Grand Prize winner will be presented with a VIP gift package at the BMI Awards from sponsors TW Steel and Blue Microphone.

Interested performers need to be BMI-affiliated, 18-years old, and must upload a video performing an original song through a video contest application on BMI’s Facebook page. A BMI panel will choose the top 25 videos based on performance to move onto the Fan voting process. Six semi-finalists will perform in front of a panel of music industry heavyweights at a “Know Them Now” showcase in Atlanta (W Atlanta- Downtown), NYC (Highline Ballroom) or Los Angeles (Viper Room). Three finalists will be selected from the showcases and their performance videos will be uploaded to BMI’s Facebook page for Fans to vote for the Grand Prize winner.

Only the selected six semi-finalists will be contacted. BMI will announce the Grand Prize winner on August 16. For the official rules and to enter the contest.

Broadcast Music, Inc.® (BMI) is an American performing right organization that represents more than 475,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music and more than 6.5 million works. BMI has represented the most popular and beloved music from around the world for 70 years. The U.S. corporation collects license fees from businesses that use music, which it then distributes as royalties to the musical creators and copyright owners it represents.

Live Music Schedule for Metro * Smart Bar * Double Door

Here is your summer music schedule for Metro, Smart Bar, & Double Door!





Wednesday, July 6: RON TRENT * JEVON JACKSON * DIZ


Thursday, July 14: DISTAL * SUBMORPHICS * BRC * WHOA-B



Saturday, July 30: INXEC * DROOG * KATE SIMKO


Saturday, August 13: DAN BELL * MR. & MRS. ANTIPHASE AND KIDDO (“1st Dance” set) * SEVRON

Sunday, August 14: GO BANG! (From San Francisco With Love Tour) * MICHAEL SERAFINI * KID COLOR * ADULTURE


Farbrew’s Beer Pick: White Ale

White Ale
Lakefront Brewery

For anyone that is into Blue Moon, this is the beer for you. It is a wheat type beer that is spiced with coriander and orange peel. This is Lakefront’s version of a Belgian classic, a beer my sister would love!

This is a very refreshing beer perfect for a summer day or any type of day drinking. Plus Lakefront Brewery created the first organic beer in the U.S., brewed using 100% organic malt and hops. They also won the Travel Green Wisconsin certification, which recognizes tourism-related businesses that are reducing their environmental impacts. Lakefront, Go Green!

Catch More Beer Ramblings from Farbrew over at: http://farbrew.com.

Abbey Pub Listings

Check out Abbey Pub’s summer shows!


Every Tues: PaulStar Jam/Open Mic. Hosted by Paul Allodi -8:30pm, no cover.

Every Sun: Longest Running Traditional Irish Session with Larry Nugent – 4pm, no cover. $3 Guinness.

1st Fri. of every month: Tony, Aaron, and Rebecca from the TOSSERS. -9pm, no cover.

2nd Sat. of every month: The Stretch -9pm, no cover.

Preferred seating available at all music events when a dinner reservation is made

NEW SHOWS! On Sale Now!!!!!

Tues. 7-12-11:
Em & Them – Bear Lake. Doors at 8pm and show at 8:30pm. Tickets $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

Sat. 7-16-11:
Lord Stanley – Moirai Band – Escape Hatch – Furious Frank. Doors at 8pm and show at 8:30pm. Tickets $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

Thurs. 7-28-11
Jesse W. Johnson Band The Canoes, The Single Helix, Zach Benkowski. Doors at 8pm and show at 8:30pm. Tickets $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

Fri. 8-19-11:
Comfortably Floyd (Pink Floyd Tribute) + New Jersey (Bon Jovi Tribute) + Eliminator (ZZ Top Tribute). Doors at 8pm and show at 8:30pm. Tickets $10 in advance and $12 at the door.

Follow the jump for shows that are coming sooooooooooon……….. [Read more…]

Kraft Great Kids Program launches new summer festival at Ravinia

This Sunday, Father’s Day, is the launch of the Kraft Great Kids Hoopla — with a free concert (lawn tickets) at Ravinia featuring the Dirty Sock Funtime Band. Here are details. Let me know if you’d like more, or send me your contact info so I can keep you updated.

Great Kids Hoopla treats families to free music, dance, fun and games at four popular family venues

Great kids in the Chicago area deserve a great summer festival, so the Kraft Great Kids Program is throwing four, and admission is free to all. Families are invited to Kraft Great Kids Hoopla (http://www.KraftGreatKids.com) at some of the region’s best places to have fun, play and learn about the benefits of nutrition, healthy eating and active lifestyles. The new festival series is funded by the Kraft Foods Foundation and is an addition to the year-round Kraft Great Kids Program offered through partners in the city and suburbs.

The Kraft Great Kids Hoopla series kicks off with a concert by the Dirty Sock Funtime Band at Ravinia Festival, June 19. This will be followed by monthly events at 63rd Street Beach, Kohl Children’s Museum and Chicago Children’s Museum. At each festival location, Kraft Great Kids program partners will treat kids to a variety of activities and learning labs. Activities include listening and dancing to a live concert, watching a popular movie, visiting an instrument petting zoo, learning yoga and line-dancing, building your own playground, freeing imaginations with storytellers, or playing with hula hoops and other games.

Kraft Great Kids Hoopla Calendar After The Jump! [Read more…]

Vetiver plugs into Mercury Lounge

Hitting the stage at New York’s Mercury Lounge close to 11 in the evening, Vetiver plugged in and touched down for a quick stateside gig before departing on their European leg.  Lead singer Andy Cabic admitted that they were playing a lot of new tunes for the first time to a nearly sold out crowd.  Their latest studio release The Errant Charm coincidentally (or not) came out last night.  This writer has been a fan since their early days in San Francisco when Andy would jam with one Devendra Banhart.  How the years have evolved Vetiver’s sound and it was evident in last night’s show.

Drenched in electric guitar cadences rather than the strums of an acoustic, Andy and gang ripped through the new album with some choice gems from year’s past.  One choice new tune, “Hard To Break” envelops warm folksy goodness with an evolving and rollicking sound.  Overall the new tracks infuse a warm Californian road trip with a nice stop by the beach.  Vet dug into their last album Tight Knit and hashed out “Sister” and the star single “Everyday”.

And for fans from yore, Andy gave “Luna Sea” a more upbeat take.  An extra special treat came in the form of a cover of The Go-Between’s “Streets of Your Town”, in which the female keyboardist lent lovely backing vocals.  If that wasn’t enough, Andy brought out the 2009 Record Store Day single “Wishing Well” for the encore.

Catch Vetiver at The Bell House in Brooklyn on July 10 as they return from their European tour.  Tickets still available here.  It will be quite the homecoming. And to send it off a nice track from their latest, “Can’t You Tell.”

<span><a href=”http://soundcloud.com/subpop/vetiver-cant-you-tell”>Vetiver – Can’t You Tell</a> by <a href=”http://soundcloud.com/subpop”>subpop</a></span>

DOLLY PARTON makes new single “Together You & I” available on Facebook

DOLLY PARTON’s new single “Together You & I” is now available for streaming on her official Facebook page located here http://www.facebook.com/dollyparton. Dolly recently debuted the single during a performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which can be seen here http://ellen.warnerbros.com/music/dolly_parton/.

Dolly Parton’s highly anticipated new album Better Day is set for a June 28threlease date through her own Dolly Records, which is distributed through Warner Music Nashville. To coincide with the album’s release, Dolly will launch a world tour bringing her throughout America and then onto the U.K. and Europe in August and September, then Australia in November in support of the new album. Better Day is the follow-up to Dolly’s critically acclaimed and successful 2008 Backwoods Barbie album. Featuring 12 original compositions, Better Day marks the fourth release on the independent label.

Better Day Track Listing:

In The Meantime
Just Leaving
Missing You
Together You & I
Country Is
Holding Everything
The Sacrifice
I Just Might
Better Day
Shine Like The Sun
Get Out
Let Love Grow

Upcoming U.S. Tour Dates:

7/17 Knoxville, TN – U. of Tennessee/Thompson Boling Arena
7/19 Dallas, TX – Verizon Theatre Grand Prairie
7/20 Albuquerque, NM – Sandia Casino
7/22 Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Bowl
7/23 Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Bowl
7/24 Concord, CA – Concord Pavilion
7/27 Prior Lake, MN – Mystic Lake Casino
7/28 Chicago, IL – Rosemont Theater
7/30 Wallingford, CT – Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre
7/31 Vienna, VA – Wolf Trap
8/02 Durham, NC – Durham Performing Arts Center
8/03 Alpharetta, GA – Verizon Wireless Amphitheater @ Encore Park



Twin Atlantic Offers Rock and Roll American-Style

Twin Atlantic
Red Bull Records

Probably one of the most American sounding rock and roll albums of 2011 was written and recorded by a Glaswegian quartet who rock just as clean and hard as you please. The term American-sounding is based on the idea of putting four guys in the garage with their instruments and a case of PBR – let that germinate through the spring and see what the summer brings; powerful guitars, easy hooks, earnest vocals.

What these four young blokes do deliver is a multi-dimensional pastiche of pure sweetly realized sound hand-crafted with an eye for hard pop sensibility. There is a lot going on each song, but none of it is wasted or excessive. Everything fits – some elements more snug than others – but it is all there and it is all good.

Most of what’s going on informs of a variety of influences, but remains entirely their own. Their personality comes through on each note – their bravado that manifests itself in well-deserved confidence. The by-product of that confidence – is flawless play and bounding creativity.

Twin Atlantic creates a slick accessible rock and roll music that hooks old rockers like me with the jingly guitars – the tight harmonies, and the ironic lyrics. They also keep the youth audience front and center with their power and their drive. They swagger and sneer through “Free” which is an anthem that needs to be heard by all rockers; young and old.

Sam McTrusty (real name according to their website) possesses a voice alternates from power to passion to pushover like turning a switch.

Stand Out Tracks

Apocalyptic Renegade

Yes I’m Drunk


Crash Land


Ravinia’s Season-Long Franz Liszt Bicentennial Celebration Begins, Focusing on His Piano Works With a Recital By Vladimir Feltsman


Garrison Keillor returns with his live radio broadcast

A Prairie Home Companion

Miriam Fried and friends present a Martin Theatre chamber recital

Daryl Hall & John Oates and k.d. lang bring their hits to the pavilion stage on separate nights

With more than 30 Franz Liszt pieces programmed, Ravinia’s summer-long celebration of the composer’s bicentennial focuses on his pianism—largely through recitals and chamber concerts—and puts the man and his music in context by presenting works by composers who surrounded, interacted with and were influenced by him. The first of these concerts is at 8 p.m. on Friday, June 24, featuring pianist Vladimir Feltsman in a Martin Theatre recital. Feltsman, whose teacher’s teacher’s teacher studied with Liszt himself, provides an aural expression of Liszt’s spiritual link to Beethoven, who kissed Liszt on the forehead at the age of 11. The program features Beethoven’s “Pathétique” and “Moonlight” sonatas as well as Liszt’s monumental Sonata in B Minor. This concert also features a ticket and dining package for $70.

Just as people enjoyed Robert Altman’s film inspired by Garrison Keillor’s radio classic, audiences enjoy the real show at Ravinia. A Prairie Home Companion, the cornerstone

of public radio from American Public Media, will be broadcast live nationally from the pavilion at 4:45 p.m. on Saturday, June 25. Fans who only know the show from the airwaves can get up close and personal with characters like gumshoe Guy Noir, the neighbors from Lake Wobegon and such sponsors as Powder Milk Biscuits. This sly variety show effortlessly blends eclectic musical performances with old-time sketches and local humor, all swirling around the amiable and versatile former English major, Garrison Keillor.

Violinist Miriam Fried, former member of the Mendelssohn String Quartet and piano and strings program director for Ravinia’s Steans Music Institute, presents a Martin Theatre recital at 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 25, with fellow Steans faculty members, violinist Don Weilerstein, violists Paul Biss and Atar Arad, cellist Frans Helmerson and pianist John O’Conor. The program features a trio of compositions including Beethoven’s Op. 16 quintet, Shostakovich’s second piano trio and Brahms’s final composition, his Op. 111 Quintet. This concert also features a ticket and dining package for $60.
Known as one of the most successful duos in rock history, selling more than 60 million albums, Daryl Hall and John Oates have written eight number-one-singles, including “She’s Gone,” “Rich Girl” and “Kiss on My List.” They take the Ravinia stage at 7 p.m. on Sunday, June 26, as part of their Do What You Want, Be What You Are Tour 2011. Pavilion tickets are sold out, but lawn is still available.
Four-time Grammy® Award-winner k.d lang returns to Ravinia with her new band the Siss Boom Bang at 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 23. In 2010 lang celebrated the 25th anniversary of her recording debut and recently released her latest album, Sing It Loud, in the spring of 2011. Brother and sister duo The Belle Brigade make their Ravinia debut opening for lang.
Ravinia Festival is located at Lake Cook and Green Bay roads in Highland Park, IL. For more information or to purchase tickets visit Ravinia.org or call the Ravinia Box Office at 847-266-5100. All summer long, Ravinia will accept donations of non-perishable food and toiletry items for local food depositories; donations can be dropped off in the plaza of the main entrance of the park. Ravinia welcomes all festival fans to follow, connect and interact online at backstage.ravinia.org, facebook.com (search Ravinia Festival) and twitter.com/raviniafestival. Ravinia Festival is a not-for-profit organization.

Thursday, June 23, 8 p.m. – Pavilion

k.d. lang and The Siss Boom Bang

with special guest The Belle Brigade +

Program Sponsor: On Behalf of Waterkeeper Alliance

Tickets: $55/Lawn $22**/Park opens at 5 p.m.

Friday, June 24, 8 p.m. – Martin Theatre

Liszt 200

Vladimir Feltsman, Piano

Beethoven:                  Piano Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 13 (“Pathétique”)

Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp Minor, Op. 27, No. 2


Liszt:                           Sonata in B Minor, S. 178

In Memory of Lawrence D. Pinsof

Tickets: $60-$40/Lawn $10/Ticket & dining package $70/Park opens at 5 p.m.

Saturday, June 25, 4:45 p.m. – Pavilion

Live National Broadcast

A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor

Media Support: WBEZ

Tickets: $65-$35/Lawn $10/Park opens at 3 p.m.

Saturday, June 25, 8 p.m – Martin Theatre

Miriam Fried, Violin

Don Weilerstein, Violin

Paul Biss, Viola

Atar Arad, Viola

Frans Helmerson, Cello

John O’Conor, Piano +

Beethoven:      Piano Quartet in E-flat Major, Op. 16

Shostakovich: Piano Trio No. 2 in E Minor, Op. 67

Brahms:           Quintet No. 2 in G Major, Op. 111

Program Sponsor: Aaron Alt and Jennifer Konz-Alt

Tickets: $50-$30/Lawn $10/Ticket & dining package $60/Park opens at 3 p.m.

Sunday, June 26, 7 p.m. – Pavilion

Do What You Want, Be What You Are Tour 2011

Daryl Hall & John Oates

With special guest Company of Thieves +

Season Sponsor: Illinois Tool Works

Media Support: WILV

Tickets: SOLD OUT/Lawn $27**/Park opens at 4 p.m.

Repertoire being performed at Ravinia for the first time is marked with an asterisk (*). Artists making their Ravinia debut are marked with a plus sign (+).  Lawn ticket prices are increased by $5 on the day of the show when marked by a double asterisk (**).

Robert Plant and The Band of Joy at Ravinia

Rock icon Robert Plant is back in Chicago with the Band of Joy and they play Ravinia on Thursday the 16th of this month.  Expect the setlist from the night to include music from the Raising Sand and most recently released, Band of Joy. Robert Plant is best known for his years in Led Zeppelin, but don’t look for many Zeppelin songs in the set. With a solo catalogue of 14 albums under his belt, Robert prefers to show off his current works that grew after the Zeppelin era.  His most recent work that received award winning acclaim and recognition is Raising Sand with bluegrass fiddle player, Alison Krauss.

The Band of Joy currently has their self-titled album that was release on September of last year off Rounder Records.  Musicians included Patty Griffin on vocals, Marco Giovino on drums, Byron House on bass, Buddy Miller on guitars, and Darrell Scott on acoustic guitar and mandolin. This group of talent will be joining Robert on the road.

Whether you grab a reserved ticket or prefer to bring a blanket, wine & beer and enjoy the show from the famous Ravinia lawn, the show is a must-see.



Robert Plant and The Band of Joy
Openers: JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound
When: 8 p.m. Thursday, June 16/Gates open at 5 p.m.
Where: Ravinia Pavilion
Tickets: $20 Lawn; $80 Reserved
Phone: 847-266-5100
To Purchase Online:  Reserved Tickets
Lawn Tickets


Kraft Great Kids Concert with Ralph’s World at Ravinia



Ralph's World Plays Ravinia on 7/3

Ralph’s World is a rock n’ roll show for the whole family featuring Ralph Covert. Ralph’s World has eight albums on Disney, the newest All Around Ralph’s World on BarNone.  Ralph encourages dancing and sing-along that is fun for all.

Also check Ralph’s World out at Lollapalooza as he performs on the Kid’s Stage on August 6th at Grant Park.

Ralph’s World
When: 1pm Sunday, July 3rd. Gates open at 11am
Where: Ravinia
Tickets: $5-$15
Online: Click here

Dear Soulja Boy, Who’s the Racist?

Soulja Boy must be having a hard night or someone hacked his Facebook account. The optimist in me hopes it’s a good old hacking, but I fear it isn’t.  Soulja Boy has taken to Facebook and is on a mission to take out the “White Faggots” (his words not mine) that are posting unwelcome messages on his Facebook page. While there may be a white person harassing Soulja Boy, he is really going about the revenge angle the wrong, and least tactful way.  What he has done is alienated his white fans and they are taking to his page to tell him that. There are even fans “unliking” his page, but not for the reasons he is asking for.
Dear Soulja Boy,

No one on this earth deserves hate, but fighting hate with hate isn’t the solution. You’ll find it just shines bad press your way and you’ll loose fans that appreciate your music.

Stop the Hate Circle!
Your Friendly Editor,

Click on the images below to enlarge for clarity

These are screenshots from Soulja Boy’s Official Facebook page

312 Ale Presents: Do312’s One Year Birthday Bash

Do312 is turning one year old! To celebrate, we’re throwing a Big Ol’ Birthday bash with amazing local DJs, two of the hottest bands around, and a refreshing hosted bar – and you’re invited! Did we mention it’s FREE when you RSVP on Do312?

It’s our way of saying thanks to the over 62,000 users like you who’ve made Do312 your go-to spot for Chicago happenings. Oh, and another excuse for a bumping get-together. Here’s the skinny:
WHAT: 312 Presents: Do312 One-Year Birthday Bash
WHEN: June 24 at 8pm (Doors)
WHERE: Schuba’s (3159 W.Southport Ave.)
RSVP: do312.com/birthday

The Evening Line-Up!
312 Ale will be hosting the bar for the first hour of the gig, so get there early to sip on this great local brew from Goose Island. DJ Greg Corner – of Kill Hannah/Dark Wave Disco/Indie-Pendent fame will get the party started at 7pm, then DJ duo Team Bayside High at 8pm, followed by the Chicago Debut of Yellow Ostrich – one of this year’s SXSW darlings at 9:15pm. Minneapolis-based basement folksters Peter Wolf Crier will be taking the stage at 10:15, until Mother Hubbard –of Moneypenny/UR Chicago/ Spandexx/Lifetime During Wartime – closes the night out.

Keep Reading for The Band Deet’s! [Read more…]