Limp Bizkit Is Back Gold Cobra Is Coming June 28th

Limp Bizkit’s first single, “Shotgun,” rocketed to #1 on the iTunes Rock Chart upon its release. The single appears on their highly anticipated new album, GOLD COBRA, due out on June 28th! The album, which is the band’s first with the original lineup in 10 years, will come in several configurations, a standard release featuring 13 new songs, and a digital only Deluxe Edition featuring 16 new songs. Additionally, the band will release an edition of GOLD COBRA containing 17 original songs which can be purchased physically, exclusively at Best Buy, and digitally, exclusively at

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1. Introbra
2. Bring It Back
3. Gold Cobra
4. Shark Attack
5. Get A Life
6. Shotgun
7. Douche Bag
8. Walking Away
9. Loser
10. Autotunage
11. 90.2.10
12. Why Try
13. Killer In You

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