Funeral Party Resuscitates Rock and Roll

Funeral Party
The Golden Age of Nowhere
RCA Records

Sometimes putting to many spices into the pot can kill the chili. That is what separates chefs from cooks. The same can be said for music. Trying too much can result in falling flat on your face. Then there is Funeral Party and their debut release “The Golden Age of Nowhere” on RCA Records.

This west coast power trio redefines the genre by pouring the power out in flooding waves that sweep the listener up in a musical tsunami. They also have an uncanny knack for adding enough textures to make it interesting – but not confusing.

“The Golden Age of Nowhere” offers eleven tracks of solid music played flawlessly and with visceral passion. They display versatility throughout. Whether it is a mid-tempo nugget like “Relics to Ruins” or an up-tempo jumper like “Giant Song” they imbue every song with their unique brand of bridled energy.
One of the most refreshing elements of “The Golden Age of Nowhere” is the variety of sounds that these three talented musicians offer. Everything comes with a hard edge, but each song has its own personality. This keeps it more compelling with each listen.

Chad Elliott’s vocals are pure and honest the likes of which I haven’t heard in a while in a rock and roll band. He isn’t pretending or posing. He is just rocking his face off. James Torres has a way with the guitar that just slices through everything – but complements it rather than stealing focus.

Kimo Kauhola’s bass is thumping and driving and carrying the whole thing when allowed. If there is a weakness on this disc – it is that Kauhola gets buried from time to time. The work on “Finale” makes it clear that he has the chops

One element of success in any live art form is bringing in the audience. Funeral Party has their share of anthems with audience participation built right into them. This summer at stadiums around the world – they are likely to look out and see seas of fans pumping their fists and singing along.

On a side note – their website is equally creative. It suits them.

Standout Tracks

Postcards of Persuasion

Giant Song

Relics to Ruin

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