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Dear Soulja Boy, Who’s the Racist?

Soulja Boy must be having a hard night or someone hacked his Facebook account. The optimist in me hopes it’s a good old hacking, but I fear it isn’t.  Soulja Boy has taken to Facebook and is on a mission to take out the “White Faggots” (his words not mine) that are posting unwelcome messages on his Facebook page. While there may be a white person harassing Soulja Boy, he is really going about the revenge angle the wrong, and least tactful way.  What he has done is alienated his white fans and they are taking to his page to tell him that. There are even fans “unliking” his page, but not for the reasons he is asking for.
Dear Soulja Boy,

No one on this earth deserves hate, but fighting hate with hate isn’t the solution. You’ll find it just shines bad press your way and you’ll loose fans that appreciate your music.

Stop the Hate Circle!
Your Friendly Editor,

Click on the images below to enlarge for clarity

These are screenshots from Soulja Boy’s Official Facebook page

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