Farbrew’s Beer Pick: Session Premium Lager

Session Premium Lager
Full Sail Brewing Co.

Session Premium is a lager type beer that was given to me by my boss from a really great beer/wine grocery type place called Wally’s. If you live in the LA area, its definitely worth checking out if you are looking for any types of wine or beer. This beer is bottled in an 11oz bottle similar to Red Stripe. It has a very flavorful and not so dry taste which makes it an easy and refreshing type of beer. It’s is one of two types of its kind, the other being Session Black Lager, which I look forward to trying soon. Session Premium Lager won the World Beer Awards in 2007. Definitely a beer I would drink again….and again…….and again!

Full Sail Brewing Co. is out of Hood River, Oregon.

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