Bar Review: Diablo’s Cantina in Sin City

Diablos Cantina Las Vegas

Jessica & I checked out Diablo’s years ago and shame on me for never telling you guys about it! My cousin Maria had originally told me about Diablo’s Cantina and thought this was the place for me and my hubby to hang. Boy was she right! So while in Vegas for my sister’s wedding myself, the hubby and my cousin decided to stop in.

Décor: This Mexican restaurant has open-air dining, a DJ Booth with flat screen TV’s, full bar and specialty frozen margarita bar. That is just the first floor! The second floor has a full bar, outdoor dining, more TV’s and a built in stage! Other than all the funny signs you will find hanging around the one thing I have to have to mention is the Wheel O’ Sin. The Wheel gets spun every 30 minutes for Happy Hour deals on beers, margaritas & shots!

Crowd: Hmmmmm it’s Vegas! You get all sorts of peeps hanging out here.

Service: Bartenders, servers and hostesses have always been nice.

Liquid Courage On Tap: Nevermind what’s on Tap and order yourself a Margarita! I normally like mine on the rocks because whenever I get a frozen one it’s too much like a slushy. Not here my friends! Diablo’s mixes them just right. Not too much slush and not too liquidy.

Eats: I haven’t had a bad dish here yet! Love the fish tacos. Could snack on their guac and chips all day long! What you need to know….. They have this contest called “Diablo’s Death Wing Challenge” where you have to eat 20 death wings in 20 minutes. While we were there someone did take up the challenge, we didn’t get to stick around to see how well he did but I’m gonna guess he didn’t make it! It took him forever to get through his first wing. But if you are brave enough to eat through the hurt you will be forever immortalized on their wall of fame….if you lose you will get royally shamed. Now I wish I had stuck around. They also have this Ultimate 4 Pound Burrito for $40. If you eat the whole thing you get a free Diablo’s T-Shirt. That’s a whole lotta burrito!

Sounds: Music overhead, people socializing, cheers for the Wheel O’ Sin, cars zooming on the strip.

Parking: It’s near the Monte Carlo. Choose a casino, park, and get your butt there!

Overall: I really can’t say enough about this joint. If you are ever in Vegas you HAVE to stop in! It’s so much fun, it’s on the strip, it’s too good to pass up!

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  1. Ahh the memories! The fajitas were very tasty!

  2. Mark Pfister says:

    Avoid this place like the plague…. Rude Staff, Rude Doorpeople, over priced drinks, and open air bar… that means you sweat your ass off between May and September…. its 100+ degrees at 11pm. DO NOT GO HERE EVER!!! There are too many choices in Las Vegas to waste your time and money here. SUCKS!!!!!


  1. Do312 Blog says:

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