Why Do People Use Such Words?!

All That Remains is a metal band. Ok they are more like metal road dogs.  I can’t remember when I haven’t seen them as a support or headlining their own tour.  As a matter of fact, they are playing the Warped Tour festival this year. Yet, it was only 2 years ago when I sat down for a quick interview with their bass player, Jeanne Sagan.  At that time they were playing on the Jaeger Stage on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival.    I asked her for a fun fact about the band. She replied, “ Ummm…we are a bunch of nerds! Jason plays World of Warcraft. Mike really likes sports and Phil likes Halo and he’s the internet guy–the Twitter and Facebook. He’s very nerdy like that. I read books and I like science a lot. You don’t have to be really cool.”

So let me introduce you to Philip Labonte.  As Jeanne stated he is “the internet guy.” He is a very outspoken frontman that doesn’t hold back when it comes to his Twitter and Facebook pages.  I’ve been following Phil on his Facebook page for awhile now.  I would call him the Most Entertaining Person on Facebook because he really states things as they are.  He warns people that if you hang around long enough on his page he will offend you.  Actually, his About Me section on Facebook states, “I yell at a stick, I shoot guns, and if you’re around long enough, I say shit that pisses you off.” I like Phil because he’s a great frontman, he advocates for the right to bare arms, but I am not a fan of some of his offensive language.  Mind you, here at The Dead Hub we don’t like to censor our language either so language such as shit, bitches, and fucks do appear in articles. Yet,there are a couple phrases that people use in everyday language that really really bother me and it’s the word faggot.

Soulja Boy just got in a mess with fighting a racist fan with some of the same hateful language.  You don’t fight hate Add an Imagewith hate.  Phil recently posted on Facebook : “If anyone thinks me being a lil open and emotional on FB is bad, your a total faggot. If I didn’t have very deep feelings that I am comfortable being honest about ATR wouldnt be a band.” Again, I really don’t have a problem with the message he is trying to convey, but really did you have to use the language that makes you sound like a bigot? He used it repeatedly today too. His Twitter feed and Facebook status are below.





Dearest Phil,

I love you and ATR.  I really don’t think you’ll give a flying shit about this, but can you please try to find other words to convey how you are feeling.  I love the fact that you try to get your followers active and inform them about their rights when it comes to the NRA, but every time you use the “f” word I cringe! You posted this on Facebook:

How can you use the “f” word over and over and support gays and gays in the military? You write songs come up with something more creative!

Your Fan,


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