Company of Thieves on Home Turf

Company of Thieves
Ravinia – Highland Park, IL

Company of Thieves is:

Genevieve – vocals
Marc Walloch – guitar
Chris Faller – drums
Eitan Bernstein- keys
Marcin Sulewski – bass

Company of Thieves opened for Hall & Oates last night at Ravinia.  It was Daryl Hall that asked them to open for their stop in Illinois.  This really wasn’t a surprise because Genevieve and Marc were invited over to perform with Daryl back in 2008 for Live at Daryl’s House, which will now be broadcast via WGN TV in the fall on Saturday nights.  Daryl loved the Chicago-based group’s label debut, Ordinary Riches.  The album hit #19 on the iTunes Top Album chart in just two days of digital sales, and their newest album, Running from a Gamble is now available off Wind-Up Records.

They took the stage at 7pm sharp.  They were met with Hall & Oates fans that arrived early and die-hard Company of Thieves fans in the pavilion.  Genevieve came out onstage with something only she could pull off; red spandex pants and a lace top.  I am pretty sure she had the older generation of men sitting in the first 10 rows drooling.

I first saw Company of Thieves back in 2009 at The Belly Up Tavern in San Diego. It was their first out-of-state show and was completely sold-out.  It was a fantastic show, but my oh my has the band come into their own since.  Genevieve has evolved the most.  Her appearance has taken more of an edge and she has bundles more of energy onstage.  She was completely entertaining which was needed.  The band played their heart content, but it was a little loud compared to the vocals. Genevieve’s voice could barley be heard at times. It is no knock to the band, but for the sound engineer who didn’t turn up the gain in her vocal track.

The set was filled with mostly new songs from Running for a Gamble, but included favorites “Oscar Wilde.”  The band also invited a horn section to accompany them for “Talula.”  Adding the horn section sparked such a reaction from the members of the crowd that at times were motionless.  I even heard a, “Wow! That was a good one!”  Mind you, this was coming from a man in his late 50’s early 60’s.  Also in the set was their newest single “Death of Communication” and “Gorgeous Grotesque” that Genevieve says, “…is a song about our environment.”

The set – Missing first 2 songs

Nothing in the Flowers
Death of Communication
Gorgeous Grotesque
Oscar Wilde
Won’t Go Quiet

Company of Thieves has a few shows for the rest of the year. They are definitely a must-see act!

06/30/2011 Miller Stage – Milwaukee, WI
08/09/2011 Grog Shop – Cleveland Heights, OH
08/10/2011  MXTP – Grand Rapids, MI
08/12/2011 ES Jungle – Indianapolis, IN
08/13/2011  The Lifestyle Communities Pavilion – Columbus, OH
08/19/2011  Livestrong Sporting Park – Kansas City, MO
08/08/2011   Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO
08/21/2011   Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO
08/24/2011   Belly Up Tavern – Solana Beach, CA
08/25/2011   The Troubador – West Hollywood, CA

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