Yvette’s Monthly Mixer – Lunch Box

Yvette's Monthly Mixer Lunch Box

I love simple drinks that you can make at home even if you do not have a large stocked bar. Chances are you already have 2 out of the 3 items you need for this month’s mixer. It’s a drink that has become more and more popular these days called the Lunch Box. The secret to this drink that not many people know is that it’s meant to be slammed. Yes you heard me right! It’s a drink that is to be taken like a shot! Now I don’t  personally don’t drink it that way and usually I make mine a double. Or if you wanna make it a little bit stronger you can always add in more beer to fill up the galss. But try it out and see which way you like it best!

Drink Ingredients:
Lager – Any Light Beer will do.
OJ 1 oz
Amaretto 1 oz
*Please not the drink in the photo is a double*

Drink Preparation:
Fill a Tall Glass with 1/3 of your beer (I prefer Bud Light). Add 1 oz of OJ and 1 oz of Amaretto.

Servings: 1

The Hangover:
 Let me tell you, you should have no worries on feeling this one right away! I mean look at what’s in it! The only non alcohol item in this one is an ounce of OJ. Here is another quick and easy cocktail to add to your summer. Enjoy!

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    […] Yvette over at The Dead Hub shares her how-to to one of her favorite, easy-to-make drinks: The Lunch Box. […]

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