At What Temperature Should Beer Be Served?

Most people believe that beer should always be served ice cold. This is mainly due to the massive amounts of advertising dollars the major American beer companies like Coors spend to convince beer drinkers that beer should be ice cold. It would make sense for these beer companies to want to do this so that we continue to drink the terrible watered down beer and not be able to taste how bad it really is. Who would want to drink a warm Coors Light??

The colder a beer is the less it will taste when it hits your tongue because it chills the taste buds and doesn’t allow the flavoring to fully take effect. Now, I am not saying that there is something wrong with a nice cold beer, especially during a hot day, but some beer is meant to be tasted at room temperature. This allows for the flavors of the beer to really be tasted.

I recently found this article which touches on this subject and thought it would be very interesting to share. A couple pointers that they emphasized were:

  • Beer should never be served ice cold
  • Darker beers are better to drink at warmer temperatures and lighter beers at colder temperatures.
  • Beers with higher alcohol content should be served colder then beers with less because the alcohol can skew the taste of the beer if it is warmer.

Don’t be deceived by these major American beer companies who do everything in their power (and they have a lot of power) to convince us that beer needs to be ice cold. It’s just an advertising ploy to get us to continue to drink their beer. Note: The macro brewers make up for 95% of the beer consumed in America!

I think Coors is such a great example with their advertising strategies and campaigns, starting with the blue mountain, which turned blue in the refrigerator to signal that your beer is ice cold and ready to be consumed. Their commercials are based on an ice cold train coming through town to cool everything off. And just recently they released their “bar code” to signal when the beer is cold and super cold. Good note to take off this, if there is a food or drink that you don’t like but need to be polite, try and chill it as much as possible before hand to lessen the taste. So next time you are out at a bar, notice that beer and everything around it is made to be chilled, mugs, beer bottles, kegs. It’s the perception that the beer companies have been striving to keep for so long. If your options for beers are limited to Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors, or Miller Light, make sure those beers are ICE cold so you don’t have to taste how bad they really are.

Read the full article here.

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  1. Yvette Casillas says:

    I don’t know about beer at room temp but I will try it! Wonder how different it really is…..

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