Panda Bear brought fireworks to Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Fourth of July weekend and the cool kids were at the sold out Panda Bear show at Music Hall of Williamsburg .  Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox and founding member of Animal Collective)  hit the minimal stage set up to a packed audience ready to groove into Independence Day.   The show was a rare treat as it  was only a handful of shows played this year.  The first reverb sent a ripple of sound into the sea of concert goers.  This concert,  unlike no other I have attended at MHOW, felt more like an music experience.  One to be savored which each  knob turned and note raised.

The audience was swaying to “Last Night at the Jetty”, as Noah sang “Didn’t I / Didn’t I / Didn’t I have a good time?”  I think he got this answer from the fans singing along and dancing to his bittersweet medley.  From the first beats of the drum machine to the strum of guitar chords, Noah was the preacher for the night.  There was little chatter between songs, but no one was complaining.  The music spoke for itself.

As “Slow Motion” played, the experimental film projected slowed down to kinetic snaps of images.  The strobe lights were pulsating.  The crowd was aglow mesmerized by the masterful manipulation of dials and buttons.  The only disappointment of the night was that Noah didn’t return for an encore, but the audience seemed to have had their fill.

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