This Dog Has Teeth

Planet Pit
Mr. 305 Records

Pitbull (given name Armando Christian Pérez) has his pulse on the music industry and is poised to enjoy longer shelf life than most urban artists who are coming up today. One reason is his blend of bravado and humility. His musicality – tight and shiny like Shakira’a outfit on the cover of “Rabiosa” is perfectly complemented by his wide ranging (often mischievous) sense of humor.

His sexual prowess comes off as aggressive – but never misogynistic. His use of humor makes him accessible to a growing number of urban music lovers who have had enough of the macho posturing that has been so prevalent in hip hop music.

The opening track “Castle in the Sand” plays with the formula of a powerfully talented woman singer’s voice soaring over some ambient sound – relaxing – setting the mood – then he kicks down the door with his rat-a-tat flow filled with clever rhymes to stand all times. (It blows my mind. I feel so fine. Oops.)

The incongruity he introduces on this “Castle in the Sand” (He thanks his mother for “making him a man” before cutting loose with an expletive filled threat.) is just one of the threads in the tapestry that is “Planet Pit.”

“Come N Go” is a rhythmic romp about sex. There is nothing subtle in this song at all. Pitbull – like his canine namesake – sinks his teeth in and doesn’t let go – not until he can make them “Come N Go.” Some of the double entrendres and puns seem to have been penned by 14-year old boys trying to get away with mischief. The difference is – Pitbull hits it with his unique style of rolling the words out like they have a life of their own.

“Give Me Everything” is looking to be the hit – a radio friendly dance track that owes more than a little to the Black Eyed Peas. The difference is – though – he seems to imbue these cuts with so breathless energy that translates to the dance floor like I haven’t heard in a long time.

If you are looking for the perfect disc to introduce urban music into your lexicon – this could be the one. The combination of talent and skill – supported by the business savvy and the sense of humor make this a dog that won’t lay on the porch – but will rock the house.

Stand Out tracks
Castle Made of Sand
Shake Senora
Where Do We Go

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  1. Shake Senora has to be one of the catchiest songs!It’s on repeat on my Zune!

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