Farbrew’s Beer Review: Eastside Dark

Eastside Dark
Lakefront Brewery

Eastside Dark is a heavy Bavarian (German) lager that represents the east side of Milwaukee, the city where the beer is brewed. The bottle states that it is “A rich, dark lager like the ones Milwaukee’s founding fathers might have enjoyed on the old eastside.”

Personally, it wouldn’t be a beer that I would occasionally drink but it has a rich and flavorful taste with specialty grains. It is recommended to go well with beef dishes, but I feel like I would be too full drinking it with any meal. If I were to pull off what that guy did, fasting for all of lent expect for drinking beer (see previous article), this is the beer I would choose. I felt very full after finishing just one bottle. Even though it’s not a beer I would normally drink, I have absolutely no negative comments about it. It had a really nice solid taste and a ton of flavor, just too dark for my everyday liking. Glad I tried it!

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