Nicole Atkins sails into Music Hall of Williamsburg

Adopted hometown siren Nicole Atkins brought a bombastic voice that garners comparisons to Roy Orbison. In fact, she’s been known to cover “Crying“.  It’s crazy Columbia let this songstress go because gurl can sang.  In a sea of pop tarts, Nicole’s voice is a refreshing throwback to true artists of years gone by.  As she descended onto the stage of Music Hall of Williamsburg, her band offered her a rousing introduction and she barreled into her first song “Heavy Boots” .  Drenched in black lace and shimmery sequins, Nicole continued with a rocking rendition of “Cry, Cry, Cry”.

Spanning most of her recent album Mondo Amore, she played tracks “This Is For Love”, “Hotel Plaster”, “You Come To Me”, “My Baby Don’t Lie” and “The Tower”.  Carving from ballad to rock, Nicole’s gut wrenching vocals seamlessly navigated between the two.  She sweetly introduced “Hotel Plaster” with a simple “this one’s a slow song” and rollicked into “My Baby Don’t Lie” with hand claps.  For her tried and true fans, she played choice tracks from her previous album Neptune City.  The crowd swayed lovingly to the anthem “Maybe Tonight” , which she had played overseas on the Live on Later with…Jool’s Holland.  She really gave the Brooklyn crowd a treat when she announced the next one was a sing along.  That song being “Brooklyn’s on Fire”.  The audience erupted in unison “FOURTH OF, JULY, BROOKLYN’S ON FIRE”.

Nicole left the audience burning for more and crooned “Neptune City” for her encore.  Though the show wasn’t sold out her fans were rabid for every note sung.  She is regarded by there peers as well, playing with the likes of the Avett Brothers, Cotton Mather and  David Byrne.  On her enduring cover of Cotton Mather’s “Monterrey Honey”, she called Robert Harrison a dear friend.  It’s amazing that Nicole had to start up a Kickstarter campaign to fund her tour, and thankfully she was able to raise all the funds to get on the road to show off her pipes.

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