The Flaming Lips Dark Side of the Moon at DMB Caravan

The Flaming Lips
Dave Matthews Caravan
Lakeside – Chicago, IL

The Flaming Lips is:
Wayne Coyne
Steven Drozd
Michael Ivins
Kliph Scurlock

I was warned about The Flaming Lips show especially when they cover Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.  The stage setting is elaborate with lights and costumes.  The antics onstage match the look.  Wayne comes out into the crowd in blown up balloon ball. Before the show the band pulls pretty girls from the crowd and they dress them up as Dorothys and dance bounce around stage, and the band also pulls a couple guys from the crowd to dress up as the cowardly lion and tin man.  The confetti is insane and gets everywhere. Wayne sets color smoke balls off on his megaphone and swings it around stage with the music.  If it were dark outside the lights on the stage would have been a show in itself.  Oh yes, all this happens within the first 15 minutes of the set.

The Flaming Lips performing Dark Side is a bit of a rarity.  If you hear they are performing the Pink Floyd album from start to finish check it out.  It’s “camera porn” for photographers and a delight for the stoned.

The Flaming Lips on the net:

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