3 Nights with Dave Matthews Band in Chicago

Dave Matthews Band
Dave Matthews Caravan
Lakeside – Chicago, IL

Dave Matthews DMB Caravan day 3 14

I already wrote my first impressions of the Dave Matthews Caravan as it stormed through Chicago on its first day. Overall I thought it went fairly well since this was the inaugural event at Lakeside where an old steel mill once existed.  I did have complaints like all the uneven mulch on the ground, the 20 minute walk to the car, and things of that nature, but as I was walking around something odd happened…people stopped me to talk.  This doesn’t happen often, but I had several festival patrons stop to ask if I was the press. After saying yes, they started rambling things that were wrong with the festival.   The once thing that came up, and was a huge factor for them, was just how commercial the festival was. They said, “This is Dave Matthews and it’s too commercial!”  I never saw it from that perspective, but I am not a hardcore Dave Matthews fan like this group of people is. They had vendors like Harley Davidson, Square, and a big name cigarette company selling products. The other item that was too commercial for some was the food. They said it wasn’t organic and completely overpriced.

Dave Matthews Day 1 (click to enlarge photos):

The other thing that I notice, and was also brought to my attention, was how un-green this green event was.  The litter was insane, yet one can’t go blaming the concert goers for all the trash. Whoever decided to make the recycling and trash cans the same color weren’t thinking straight.  Everyone was confused even the press in the media tent. We just made a recycling can into our trash can, but by the second day they completely removed our trash can.  We saw many cans filled to the brim and no one knew where to toss their trash or recyclables so much of it ended up on the ground.  Shame shame event producers.

When it came down to the music there wasn’t anything to complain about except having to decide between O.A.R. or seeing Drive By Truckers. The only thing was Dave Matthews arriving to the stage around 20 to 30 minutes late every night.  The last night of the show seemed too drawn out. Even the huge Dave fans that waited all day in the front row by the barricade were loosing their patience.  Yet everyone’s cares drifted away with the lighting of the marijuana and the 6-packs of beers being consumed.

Dave Matthews Day 2 (click to enlarge photos):

Dave played for around 2 and a half hours every night. Plus he also did a small acoustic set with Tim on Saturday during the day.  Dave was also busy introducing the likes of Emmylou Harris onstage and hanging with his family backstage, as there were several sightings.

To cap it off, the festival went off without too big of a hitch besides the sobering walk to your vehicle and the overabundance of mulch on the ground.  The big question is will Lakeside become a new home for live music in Chicago?  Only the city can decide, but what do you think?

Dave Matthews Day 3 (click to enlarge photos):

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